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Yoga Burn is a directive program meant to enlighten you very specific Yoga poses which can upsurge cell metabolism to oxidize fat and tone your body. It is a product of Zoe Bray-Cotton, a certified and reputable instructor. You will learn how to effectively burn fat and increase metabolism to help adjust your body to change in whichever way that you want. It offers a 3-dimensional workout series which are all designed to make your body to adjust and adapt by consistently boosting the challenge of all the movements you will learn in the course of the program. Realistically, Yoga can perfectly work for everyone. It has a lot of positive reviews from users in different parts of the world. Even if you are busy, you can still benefit from the program since it only requires a few minutes daily. The instructions are simple and can be understood by everyone. Try it out and be sure to benefit significantly. Read more here...

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Getting Fit with Yoga and Strength Training

Getting started with yoga and strength training Understanding yoga Mastering the yoga poses Working your body with strength training t may seem unusual for us to cover yoga and strength training in the same chapter, but we have two reasons for doing so. The exercises we highlight in this chapter are what make Wii Fit Plus the excellent fitness software that it is, and yoga and strength training actually have a lot in common, with both activities helping you develop strength and increase endurance. Yoga does this by stretching the muscles by holding poses, while strength training builds the muscles through strenuous, repetitive motions, also known as reps. The first part of this chapter focuses on yoga. In this section, we review the benefits of deep breathing and how to do it the right way. We also provide step lists for all the poses and include the Sanskrit Hindi terms whenever possible in case you ever want to take a yoga class. In the strength training section, we discuss how...

Mastering the Yoga Poses

If you want to add a spiritual aspect to your yoga routine, try taking the name of the poses literally. Envision yourself as the warrior, cobra, tree, or whatever pose you happen to be doing. Master List of Yoga Exercises *Yoga poses have many variations, depending on the yoga style therefore, if you were to take a yoga class, you may find these poses performed slightly differently from the Wii Fit Plus versions. For instance, there is a Warrior (Virabhadrasana) I, II, and III, of which the WII Fit Plus offers Warrior II. *Yoga poses have many variations, depending on the yoga style therefore, if you were to take a yoga class, you may find these poses performed slightly differently from the Wii Fit Plus versions. For instance, there is a Warrior (Virabhadrasana) I, II, and III, of which the WII Fit Plus offers Warrior II.

Understanding Yoga

You can try numerous yoga styles, but a fundamental goal of each is to unify the mind, body, and spirit through a series of poses (referred to by yogis as asanas), meditation, and breathing. Although Wii Fit Plus doesn't get into the meditative or spiritual aspects of this discipline, it provides a good introduction to some of the more common poses that can help you improve your balance, posture, and flexibility. Wii Fit Plus also helps you learn how to breathe properly, allowing you to maximize the fat-burning potential of each movement. Deep Breathing, referred to by yogis as pranayama, is the first choice on the Yoga exercise selector menu, and for good reason. Breathing is something you do 15 times per minute on average, or approximately 22,000 times daily, and is one of those activities you rarely think about, but can have great health benefits if done properly. Deep breathing has been found to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, ward off or control panic attacks, boost...

Types Of Fitness Instruction

Just twenty years ago there were aerobics classes populated mostly by women, gyms for weight lifting populated mainly by men, and a much smaller number of ashrams (yoga facilities) and Pilates studios, today it seems the types of instruction available are limitless. Trends include the introduction of sports such as cycling, rowing, and boxing to class formats that involve a number of participants led by a knowledgeable, enthusiastic instructor. Mind-body practices such as yoga, tai-chi, and Pilates are enjoying increasing popularity. Workouts are also being designed around techniques that used to be used only for patients in rehabilitation settings. And new types of classes and formats are being developed constantly. For instance, sports yoga is now gaining popularity. It aims to bring elements of traditional yoga to the general sports population by combining it with some of the features of standard group exercise classes.

Lous Rule 2 Do something you like

I'm no fan of yoga or jogging, and I used to enjoy basketball until my knees finally demanded that I hang up my Air Jordans. (Which, if logos were honest, would've been called Floor Schulers when I wore them.) But I'm not going to talk you out of any type of exercise, as long as you enjoy it.

Introducing Wii Fit Plus

Although the original Wii Fit features over 40 strength training, aerobics, yoga, and balance activities, the exercise experience is unstructured and mostly solitary. Although not a radical change, Wii Fit Plus adds over 20 more activities, provides preset routines and customizable workouts, has a

Eenie Meenie Miney Mo

Here's an obvious bit of advice that, oddly enough, takes many people by surprise The more specific your fitness goals, the easier it will be for you to pick a gym that suits your needs. In other words, are you just there to pump iron or are you interested in taking aerobics classes, yoga, swimming, boxing, or playing basketball Is taking a sauna a big plus or a big ho-hum Remember, if your gym has these amenities and

The American Fitness and Aerobics Association AFAA

AFAA offers standard benefits to those who achieve certification. They include membership in the association, a subscription to its magazine, and discounts on liability insurance, supplies, and clothing. Certifications include basic, kickboxing, step aerobics, personal training, emergency response, and weight training. Once primary certification is acquired, a member can attend continuing education one-day workshops in many of the current format trends in fitness, including mat science (incorporating elements of Pilates and yoga), kickboxing and step choreography, aqua fitness, prenatal fitness, resistance training (class format), and senior fitness.

Finding Your Center of Balance

Your center of balance, more commonly referred to as your center of gravity, is the point between the left and right sides of your body in which your body mass (weight) is considered to concentrate and through which gravity is enacting its constant downward force. It is this point that is working hard to keep you balanced. For most people, this point lies at roughly the level of the second sacral vertebra (S2), which is located in the lower part of the back just above the coccyx (tailbone) when standing upright, but it can vary based on your age, sex, build, posture, and whether you are supporting any external weight, such as a purse or shopping bag. It will also change depending on the position of your body and your movements. For example, your center of balance is lower when you bend your knees to perform the Rowing Squat under the Strength Training exercises and higher when you raise your arms to do the Half-Moon pose under the Yoga exercises (both of these are outlined in Chapter...

Tune Your TV for Fitness

In addition to aerobics, weight training, and toning shows, you might find alternatives such as yoga and tai chi on one of your offered channels. Fitness programs are concentrated on weekday mornings, especially on ESPN2 and stations affiliated with the Public Broadcasting System (PBS). You can find a current list of shows on Some cable and satellite systems also receive a channel that provides nothing but workouts and fitness information. Remember, however, that infomercials for fitness products are not the same thing as instructional shows. Their purpose is not to help people get fit but to sell products.

The Printed Word on Fitness

Bookstores' shelves overflow with books on the topics of losing weight and shaping up. Many are step-by-step workout and eating plans accompanied by instructional illustrations, recipes, and more. Books cover topics from aerobics to yoga, outline specific workouts from organizations as diverse as the New York City Ballet Company and Navy Seals, and offer different philosophies from drill-sergeant regimentation to mind-body-spiritual connections in fitness. If your local bookstore doesn't have enough of a variety, check or Although magazine coverlines on fitness are designed to sell magazines, once you open the magazine, you'll find a wealth of information. Many articles feature one specific topic but cover it in depth and offer fine advice. Fitness, Men's Health, Men's Fitness, Heart and Soul, Muscle and Fitness, Shape, Vim and Vigor, Walking, Weight Watchers Magazine, Women's Sports and Fitness, and Yoga Journal are just a few of the...

Certificates and Associate Degrees

Yoga Alliance ( Minimum Teacher Training Standards Philosophy, 20 Hours Study of Yoga Scriptures (Yoga Sutras, Ethics, Bhagavad Gita, etc.), ethics for yoga teachers, Noncontact or independent study hours may include assigned reading or other homework, nonsupervised study groups, observing yoga classes, etc. Courtesy of Yoga Alliance Physiology (bodily systems, organs, etc.) and astral energy subtle Anatomy and Physiology (chakras, nadis, etc.) 50 Hours Study of Yoga Scriptures (Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, etc.), ethics for yoga teachers, living the life of the yogi, etc. 40 Hours Includes student teaching as well as observing Noncontact or independent study hours may include assigned reading or other homework, nonsupervised study groups, observing yoga classes, etc. Courtesy of Yoga Alliance

Introspective Dance Plus

Neuromuscular Integrative Action is an effective, low-impact, cardiovascular program combining elements from tai chi, yoga, and dance forms such as jazz, ethnic, and even ballet to condition the body and calm the emotions. The elements of music come from dance, and the fact that it is done in bare feet relates to modern dance and yoga. Also from yoga is the emphasis on breathing. Power and strength moves are drawn from tai chi and other martial arts. Instructors use a great deal of imagery, which participants can interpret as they want and can. Although movements are suggested to the class, participants can tailor them to their own level of ability and agility. Adherents say that this program allows the emotions to flow even as the body moves.

Pilates on a Different Plane

Gyrotonics takes Pilates to a different plane. Like Pilates, Gyrotonics aims at elongating, realigning, stretching, toning, and conditioning the body. It has two components with apparatus and without apparatus. Gyrotonic Expansion System exercises are done on a mat, and Spinal Dynamics exercises are gentle, repetitive torso rotations that are done seated, standing, kneeling, and prone on a mat. The Gyrotonics apparatus resembles a bench with a towerlike structure at one end and with straps, handles, and pulleys plus weight plates for added resistance. Breathing plays an important role in the program, as it does in Pilates and yoga. Pilates facilities have now grown to the hundreds, but Gyrotonics is still fairly exclusive. The apparatus is expensive, few trainers have been schooled in it, and it has not yet achieved popular status. Many who have tried it, however, tend to think of it as Pilates-plus.

Creating your routine

After you click on My Routine, you see Yoga and Strength tabs at the top, as shown in Figure 4-5. You can toggle between them to select the exercises you want by pointing to the desired exercise and then pressing A. After you have chosen an exercise, a yellow frame appears around it, and you see it listed on the right in the Selected Exercises menu. Unlike in My Wii Fit Plus Routines, you can select the same exercise more than once. To swap exercises, point to the one you wish to eliminate from your repertoire and press A, and then click on its replacement and press A again. To remove an exercise from your routine, press B. If you want to start from scratch, click the dial-like button to the left of the Start button, which resets the workout. Be careful. After you click this button, your items are instantly deleted. As you add or remove items, you can see the total workout time listed directly above the Start button increase or decrease, respectively. When you are happy with your...

Considering Selfemployment

Fran Scalessa, who teaches yoga in Summit, New Jersey, left a successful law practice to become a full-time instructor. In addition to teaching in clients' homes, he also holds classes at a private studio. After three years in the fitness industry, building up his business to six clients or classes per day, Fran is making an income similar to that earned while practicing law. His advice is to start small, gaining teaching experience at any location, and at any price. You have to pay your dues, he explains. Once you develop a following, you can teach on your own for higher rates. Word-of-mouth should be all the marketing you need, after you have taught enough classes at various clubs.

Step Seven Maintain Your Contacts

In order to find a job, I called every gym I could find and asked if they were in need of a Pilates trainer and I also made contacts with several Pilates and Yoga instructors in the area. It's always a plus to be able to name drop a little during an interview because it gives you more credibility and shows that you've taken the time to research your chosen field.

AC Is there anything that you do there that youd do differently with females

The only point I will bring up is that women are usually much more flexible than men, both dynamically and statically. Women tend to drift to flexibility types of training such as yoga while men will many times be on the polar opposite end. For women I will often perform a shorter dynamic joint mobility warm-up and only use a few PNF drills to help their flexibility. For men, we may spend more time in this area because of their training history and their general body tension.

AC Could you list the 3 top tips you could give to any athlete that is just beginning structured training

Know why you are doing what you are doing. I still get people that tell me all types of things they are doing and when I ask them why there only response is some other expert told them to do it. For example, when women tell me they need to perform more yoga I ask them why They often reply because they feel as though they want to lengthen and tone their muscles rather than build them. After I pull my hair for awhile I go on to explain to them why this rationale is false and how they may use their time more effectively.

AC What about recovery techniques Any suggestions

I would also like to suggest static stretching. This form of stretching has come under heavy criticism as of late, but I think some is unjust. Static stretching can take on many forms including some types of yoga. The benefits are similar to massage, but for different reasons. For many static stretching sessions help relax the mind that is often responsible to many tension holding patterns and chronic tightness. This is also a form of strength-endurance that is hard to replicate in most training programs. Such static strength-endurance can help with the stabilizers and muscle imbalances.

Swissball crunch with medicineball throw

Grab a medicine ball, and either have a partner standing a few feet in front of you or set up near a wall that can absorb some good whacks from a weighted ball. (If you're doing this in a gym, you probably want to ask permission before you start flinging away. For example, some people would consider it rude to hammer a ball against a wall when there's a yoga class on the other side.) Hold the ball back behind your head with straight arms, and as you rise, fire the ball to your training partner or against the wall.

ECOSTcom and Overstockcom

Think of as a large clearance center (see Figure 7.12).There's nothing new here there are just lots of items to choose from. On the health and fitness side, they offer pedometers, heart monitors, and other health devices, plus a variety of books. When we visited, they had many health and fitness books and videos for 40 to 50 off of list price, heart monitors for as much as 70 off, and yoga equipment for 50 off. Because they are selling items on closeout, you have to visit often and shop carefully to find the product you want. Some products might seem like a great deal, but after looking more closely, sometimes they aren't because they're old models that have been replaced by better ones. Still, is a great source and should always be considered when you're looking for health and fitness equipment.

Bottomline Bodybuilding

Training is by far the most superior. Nevertheless, it wouldn't hurt if on occasion you gave yourself a break from the weights. Try stretching for an hour. It's harder than you think and helps keep muscles sinewy. Take a class in self defense. Juxtapose that with a yoga class. Remember, this is not meant to be a substitute, just a variation. When was the last time you posed for 20 minutes How about an all ab workout A few sessions like these will keep you in the proper frame of mind for training yet allow you to recoup from the usual grind.

Developmental stretching

Don't sneer at disciplines like yoga or Pilates they are no longer considered the preserve of tree-huggers or the brown rice and sandal brigade. Many elite martial artists have incorporated both as an essential aid to their training regime. People of all ages have benefited enormously from yoga, in particular

Alternative Health Therapies

Author's Comment We have personally sampled many of these alternative therapies. It's estimated that soon America's health care costs will leap over 2 trillion. It's more important than ever to be responsible for our own health This includes seeking health practitioners who are dedicated to keeping us well by inspiring us to practice prevention These Alternative Healing Therapies are also popularand getting results aroma, Ayurvedic, biofeedback, color, guided imagery, herbs, Kinesiology, music, meditation, magnets, saunas, tai chi, chigong, Pilates, yoga, etc. Explore them and be open to improving your earthly temple for a healthy, happier, longer life. Seek and find the best for your body, mind and soul. - Patricia Bragg Author's Comment We have personally sampled many of these alternative therapies. It's estimated that soon America's health care costs will leap over 2 trillion. It's more important than ever to be responsible for our own health This includes seeking health...

When Lunch Hour Is A Lunch Minute

The key to eating less and enjoying food more yoga. People who hit the mat for some om time have a body mass index that's almost three points lower than those who don't practice the exercise, a study shows. The reason Researchers say yoga makes you more attuned to what and how much you eat. It improves the mind-body connection, which can make you more aware of sensations like hunger and fullness ' says study author Celia Framson, R.D., of Seattle Children's Hospital, If you listen to your body, you're less likely to eat when you're not hungry. Just one weekly session of yoga or tai chi or meditation may help you become more mindful at each meal.

AC I know you study the field a lot Who do you go to for training advice

I have volumes of copied old Soviet Sports Reviews in my office. I have almost every article Louis Simmons and Dave Tate wrote. I love Verkoshanski, Siff, and all of the other greats. I also love to study guys like Santana, Mike Boyle, Brian Grasso, Alwyn Cosgrove, etc. I love to view multiple perspectives and derive my own methods. I have books and videos on everything (except bodybuilding, yoga, pilates, and anything that combines them) from physical therapy topics, massage therapy, powerlifting, general strength training, martial arts, speed development, agility, plyos, and on and on.

Partnering with other Professionals

Who else can you partner with How about those in the corporate world, who may be interested in having an instructor trainer work in their in-house gym a few hours each week, developing programs for employees Or even holding an aerobics or yoga class in a conference room after work As more employers look for ways to combat the high cost of medical insurance, and decrease employee injuries and leave-taking, providing fitness and wellness programs becomes not just a nice perk, but a smart way to do business.

Building on Your Reputation

Perhaps most importantly, work toward increasing your abilities. You might decide to attend a seminar on a specialized topic such as rehabilitation or yoga ball. Or, you could join an industry association (see Appendix A for a listing of many organizations, with contact information), and get involved at a local level. Make it a point to visit informative websites such as Fitcom-merce's, which contain articles on industry trends and updates in the field.

Independently Owned Clubs Studios and Management Companies

There are thousands of fitness facilities and businesses that are not owned by large corporations. In this category are included large clubs that bring in millions of dollars a year, 40' x 40' storefront yoga studios, weight-training centers with boxing rings, and spas that cater to women only. There are also companies that have no facilities other than office space they have contracts with various clients, hire instructors and trainers, and then send them out to the clients. All of these businesses have something in common they are not owned or run by huge corporations. We are seeking teachers for all class styles, including Spinning, Kickboxing, Yoga, and Step classes.

Healthcare Facilities

For instance, the Huntsville (Alabama) Hospital's Wellness Center offers assessments such as strength, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, body compositions, body measurements, blood pressure, and heart rate. Cardiac and cancer rehabilitation programs include exercise. They offer classes in Yoga, Pilates, Step aerobics, circuit training, water aerobics, stretching, indoor cycling, yogaball, kickboxing, and body sculpting.

The discovery of the mind over matter ability

The discover of MC as a form of exercise is not new and certainly some tension exercises are as ancient as can be yoga and martial arts. However, Maxick was, without doubt, which gave to MC its most scientific form. He perfected the existing controls and created many more, including the most important abdominal isolations.

Strength Flexibility And Endurance

The three benchmarks of physical fitness are strength, flexibility, and endurance. Power Factor Training is designed to accomplish one and only one of these objectives strength. Although you can improve flexibility by performing some full-range weight-lifting exercises or stimulate the cardiovascular system (to improve endurance) by performing high repetitions with heavy partial movements, such techniques would be vastly inferior to yoga and running or other specific stretching and endurance exercises. To develop cardiovascular endurance, weight lifting could garner some improvement but will never equal cross-country skiing, distance

Extreme flexibility through Contrast Breathing

The effectiveness of conventional PNF can be dramatically increased through proper breathing. Take a lesson from Chi Kung, Tai Chi and Yoga. Masters of these Oriental disciplines put heavy emphasis on breathing exercises that leads to remarkable mastery of the body and mind. Here is why.

Carrie Amazing Changes in Her Lipid Profile

Carrie was forty-eight years old when she started my plan because she wanted to lose about 20 pounds. Although she had once been very active, jogging and going to weekly yoga and dance classes, she had become fairly sedentary in the last seven years. Carrie was especially concerned about the amount of fat she had gained in her abdominal area because she had read about the health risks associated with abdominal fat. She wanted to halt the trend of her fat gain before it became a serious problem.

Wii Fit Plus

Chapter 1 provides you with an overview of Wii Fit Plus, including everything you need to know to get started, such as familiarizing yourself with the Balance Board and navigating the menus. Chapter 2 details the series of body tests that you will be asked to perform to establish a baseline and monitor your fitness progress. The remainder cover each exercise category offered by Wii Fit Plus, including yoga, balance games, strength training, and aerobics.

What Youll Need

As you work through the Biggest Loser fitness program, you'll learn moves that can be done at the gym as well as at home. All well-equipped fitness centers have the tools needed for this program, and you'll also find additional options to spice up your routine. Consider a salsa dancing class to boost your cardio routine, or yoga instruction to work on your flexibility. The options are limitless


Using a yoga block under your buttocks, feet, or hands helps you maintain proper body alignment during stretches so you can focus on deepening your stretch without pain. The cost of one block is usually around 10, and you can find blocks at most yoga studios or your local superstore. If you love to shop online, hop on the Internet and type in yoga props and choose from the nearly one million sites that pop up.

Fitnejf Fact

Ballet dancers often take stretch classes to keep their muscles long and limber, and a few minutes of stretching usually are tacked onto the end of an aerobics class. If you are really tight, you might find it necessary to work with a personal trainer to learn to stretch properly. You also can try yoga, Pilates, and other disciplines that have flexibility and limberness at their core. These activities are discussed in Chapter 9, Other Paths to Stretching and Toning. When stretching, it is just as important not to put the joints or the spine at risk for injury as it is to lengthen your muscles. Several common moves could cause problems. The hurdler's stretch (a favorite among track coaches, a seated stretch with one leg extended straight out and one leg bent and tucked next to the body) and the kneeling quadricep stretch (also called the knee-sit) both could injure the knee joint. The Plow from yoga (lying on your back and stretching both legs up over your head) can pressure the neck...

Stretch poses

Stretching is important for everyone, but is especially critical for us pencil pushers who spend a great deal of time seated in front of a computer on a daily basis. Sitting for extended periods of time puts considerable stress on our spines, resulting in poor posture and muscle tension, stiffness, or pain in the shoulders, neck, and back. By stretching on a daily basis, you will alleviate the stress on your spine, helping to prevent structural degradation. Stretching also promotes blood flow throughout the body, which can alleviate mental stress and anxiety and is important for muscular health and development. The Wii Fit Plus yoga stretch moves effectively target the spine and are designed to increase flexibility. Some of the gentler poses are also good as warm-ups.

Shoulder Stand

This pose, which is perhaps the most advanced of all Wii Fit Plus yoga poses, offers an inversion and strengthens the abs and back while aligning the legs. Because the Shoulder Stand (Sarvangasana) has the highest risk for injury, respecting your limits is necessary. One precaution you can take is to place a folded blanket or towel on the mat for your upper back and shoulders to rest on (your head and neck will be on the mat, not the blanket or towel), which helps prevent your neck from being injured when you raise your legs and bear your weight into the floor. The Balance Board is not used for this pose. Follow these steps

Grounded V

This Grounded V pose is similar to the yoga Boat pose (Navasana), which is outlined in Chapter 11, except that you keep your hands behind you for stability instead of stretched out toward your legs. As the name of the pose implies, you will be making a V-shape with your body. This pose can be challenging and is considered an advanced user pose. For this pose, you are seated on the Balance Board. This activity is great at targeting your core. Follow these steps

Revving the Engine

Steve Ilg, a highly sought-after professional trainer and author of The Winter Athlete (Johnson Books, 1999), has been a nationally sponsored multisport athlete who has excelled in technical rock and ice climbing as well as in Nordic skiing, cycling, and snowshoeing. He is also a yoga teacher and Joe Glickman's coach. Often when he's asked what's the best way to stay flexible, he replies, Renounce your furniture. Learn the Asian squat and make use of it. While it might sound absurd or amusing, it makes sense. If you toss your chairs and tables, reduce the amount of desktop work you do, and eat your meals seated cross-legged on the floor, your lower back and hips will be far better off than the compressed lifestyle to which most of us are accus-

Silly Bullshit

Certain knowledge that if they lift weights they'll get big, bulky muscles, just like Ronnie Coleman and me. They are terribly careless when they prominently feature pictures of female physique competitors who are all too apparently willing to do enough steroids to grow huge muscles without a disclaimer to that effect. The overwhelming majority of the female population is not capable of building huge, masculine muscles, or noses, chins, ears, hands, veins, feet, beards, eyebrows, and all the other little details that separate the boys from the girls. Pictures of females who have taken this rather drastic step in a rather atypical direction should not be viewed by impressionable housewives trying to decide whether to start a weight training program. It's bad for membership sales, and I have to think it can't be terribly good for supplement sales either. Yet the publishers seem to be oblivious to the fact that they have created an objection to be overcome every time an uninformed woman...

Bend Right

Let's assume for a moment that after reading the various skeletal maladies you haven't quit your job, sold your furniture, and moved to a yoga ashram to find postural enlightenment. Instead, let's hope you at least recognize the importance of sitting up correctly and the subsequent importance of stretching. Unfortunately for the poor unsuspecting weight lifter, there's another danger lurking in the shadowy recesses of your neighborhood gym improper bending probably the number-one cause of lower back pain. Luckily it's also the most preventable.

The cow and the cat

This yoga-based move got its name from imagining what an old cow and an angry cat look like. Not only does this move help make your back feel better, but also it improves the range of motion in your spine, enhances strength and coordination of the muscles around your spine, and improves muscle awareness in your entire back all factors that make your lower back feel better and stay healthy.

Disco And Dbol

Unfortunately, Dianabol worked too well. The use, overuse and excessive abuse of steroids was changing the tides of bodybuilding once again. The association with drug use was distancing the bodybuilder from the fitness enthusiast and bodybuilding was in danger of losing all the advancements it had made up until that point. The industry tried to soften its image. In the 1980's, aerobics, yoga, and low fat recipes replaced much of grittier bodybuilding information. Everybody was an authority. Movie stars made exercise videos. Models wrote diet books. This trend proved to be both good and bad. Good, in the sense that it introduced many more people to the benefits of exercise. Bad, in the sense that much of the information wasn't accurate. Through it all, it turned out that the bodybuilding lifestyle proved itself to be the most effective method for changing the shape of one's body.


For instance, Instructor A is interested in teaching yoga, but has work experience as a personal trainer. She is looking first for a position in a serious private yoga studio. But she might also be willing to take a position in a fitness club that is introducing yoga to its members just to get her foot in the door. Teaching classes in a corporate-owned chain might also be worth a try. Neither of these options is a first choice, but both can be good in the short term to develop a following, perhaps pick up some private students, and gain teaching experience. The yoga studio position is her dream job the others are second-best choices. To apply for all of these jobs, Instructor A will need to alter her resume at least twice. The resume for the yoga studio position will stress her two years of training and five years of yoga practice. She will also highlight her commitment to ongoing education through monthly attendance at workshops. For an instructor position in a fitness club, she will...

The Improved Cobra

The traditional back bending stretch, or the cobra borrowed from yoga, is far from perfect. First, many comrades, especially ladies, have a hard time supporting their weight in that position and therefore cannot concentrate on the stretch. Second, the length of your arms restricts the amount of stretch. Both problems are easily fixed if, instead of supporting your weight in the pushup position, you place your hands atop an object whose height matches your flexibility be it a chair, the kitchen counter, or a training partner.


As you might expect, top clubs offer a full array of classes, from aerobics to yoga (or even Zen meditation) to Pilates, plus superlative weight rooms, swimming pools, indoor and outdoor ball courts, dance and martial arts studios, and more. They often have on-site retail shops (selling workout clothes, tennis balls, nifty sun visors, skincare products, and so on), massage therapists, and even physical therapists and chiropractors-and perhaps even a hairstyling salon. Because many members' social lives revolve around the gym, the facilities might also include a lounge or a restaurant that generally serves healthy cuisine. Some gyms also offer childcare for tots while their parents' exercise plus kids' classes for older children.

Getting Promoted

Other current trends include the popularity of mind-body workouts, such as yoga and tai chi. While they have been around for thousands of years, they have never been practiced as much as they are now. People are looking for calming, centering, relaxing forms of exercise, and these ancient forms fit the bill. Many fitness professionals believe this trend will last longer than many others because, among a handful of reasons, it is not the result of a gimmicky marketing campaign. The popularity of yoga has nothing to do with the sale and use of expensive props, and everything to do with the benefits its practice brings to students. Instructors, as mentioned previously, should learn students' names and use them in class. Don't point out someone's errors in a confrontational way, but rather encourage individuals when they are doing well. Let your students know that you love your job, and your time spent with them. Yoga instructor Fran Scalessa ends each class with this blessing Wishing...

Workout Wear

First and foremost, the clothes you work out in should be comfortable, not only in terms of how they feel but how they make you feel. Some people might be comfortable in skimpy short-shorts and a sports bra others might rather die than be seen in anything but a baggy T-shirt and shorts or sweatpants. In that regard, choose whatever you are comfortable in, considering the environment in which you exercise and what others wear there. Depending on the activity you choose, there probably are preferred garments designed especially for that sport. People seem to dress differently in a weight room than in a yoga studio. Although these garments are not mandatory, they might make your workout more enjoyable because you will be more comfortable. Clothing designed for special aerobics classes generally is similar to dancewear. Leotards and tights are popular but not essential, especially if you don't want to appear in public in tight-fitting attire. However, when you trim down, you'll be ready...

Getting a Grip

Form fitting yoga or pilates toe socks not only provide a non-slip surface, but also allow a more complete range of motion. By allowing the toes to wiggle freely, the muscles in the foot can also become more flexible and stronger. Some toe socks even feature a horizontal stripe to help with alignment, which is particularly useful for certain Wii Fit Plus exercises. Toe socks are also available in half-toe varieties, where everything but your toes is covered. Brands include Acacia, Stick-E, ToeSox, and Yoga Paws. With your feet receiving so much attention, are your hands feeling left out If you find that even with the Wii Remote's strap and jacket you're still a sweaty butterfingers, consider non-slip gloves or grips, which, like non-slip socks, are also great for getting extra traction on floor exercises. Non-slip grips are available in full glove, fingerless, or palm-only varieties, and are available from manufacturers such as Stick-E, Sun Salutations, and Yoga Paws. Prices start...


Bikram's Yoga College of India 90-day training Beverly Hills, CA 310-854-5800 Planet Yoga YogaFit Master Yoga Academy It's Yoga Integral Yoga Institute of San Francisco 4-both, part-time training (270 hours) San Francisco, CA 415-821-1117 Santa Barbara Yoga Center 11-day intensives and full certification Yoga Mandir Yoga Research and Education Center 700-hour teacher training extending over 2 American Yoga College Registered with Yoga Alliance 200 and 500


Yoga and Inner Peace Six-week, non-residential intensive Lake Worth (near West Palm Beach), FL 651-641-8888 Exceeds Yoga Alliance requirements Florida Institute for Integrated Yoga Two-year weekend program, eclectic Discovery Yoga 200-hour program, Yoga Alliance registered

The flamingo

Yoga for kids Imagine that instead of playing softball and basketball during PE in school, kids were asked to take a stab at downward dogs and cobra poses (those are yoga poses). Sounds like a total nonstarter for American kids, right (Maybe for kids back in the Dark Ages when the baby boomers were trudging through snow to school uphill both ways, but not anymore.) In a surprising number of schools nationwide, yoga has begun to make an appearance as an addition to or in a growing number of cases, a substitute for traditional sports during PE time. Think about it Yoga requires no expensive equipment it's accessible to both boys and girls it requires no large playing fields to maintain and the incidence of injury is low compared to football or soccer. Documented benefits are surprisingly numerous and encouraging as well. Across the country teachers, administrators, and happy parents report calmer, more focused students, and in cases where the only difference was the introduction of...

The Biggest Loser

The third Wii fitness title to feature Jillian Michaels, THQ's The Biggest Loser, released in 2009, is of course based on the hit NBC television series. The Biggest Loser makes good use of the familiar license, allowing you to compete with contestants from past seasons in 4-, 8-, or 12-week programs, or with another player in weekly challenges. The game features more than 88 exercises that focus on upper and lower body, core, cardio, and yoga, with 66 of them able to incorporate the Balance Board.

Mind Body Options

As the population seeks to find release from the stresses of everyday life, many have looked to forms of exercise that involve a spiritual or centering component. Three of the most common practiced today are yoga, tai chi, and Pilates. Yoga is believed to be the most widely practiced of spiritual disciplines. As Georg Feuerstein explains, underlying this ancient practice is the understanding that the human being is more than the physical body and that, through a course of discipline, it is possible to discover what this 'more' is. Today, according to Feuerstein, there are about 20 million Westerners practicing yoga. The number of ashrams, or centers in which yoga is taught and practiced, continues to grow. Fran Scalessa, a yoga instructor in Summit, New Jersey, believes that its popularity hasn't yet crested. He notes, people enjoy it, and see the benefits of what they're doing. As the population ages, I'm sure even more will come. Yoga delays the aging process, and the stretching and...

Core Movements

The squat increases energy flow, and helps free up tensions in die pelvis and perineal floor. It gives a gentle stretch to the body's major muscles. The squat is highly regarded in bodywork systems such as polarity theory. It is used to ground us to the earth and indeed forms the basis of the polarity exercise forms. The utkatasana or hunkering posture is recorded as one of the 32 asanas that arc-die most important in hatha yoga. The way it is sometimes done, with raised heels and the knees a little apart, is perfect for people whose ankles are too right to handle the full cocorinha with heels pressed into the floor. The back bridge in capoeira conditioning prepares the body for many movements within the game (such as moenda, macaco, gato, and walkovers). For those who don't do capoeira itself, the back bridge may be familiar if von have tried judo, gymnastics, yoga, or Wrestling. In India it's cailed ehakrasana ( wheel posture ) and is said to be one of the most therapeutic postures...

Or Personal Trainer

An International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association's Annual Member Tracking Survey reveals that the number of health club members involved with personal training rose by 29 in 2000, while the number of members involved in yoga classes rose 16 . In addition, according to the

Getting Started

The yoga and strength-training activities are accessed from the Training menu. Follow these steps to get started 1. To start yoga or strength-training activities, click the blue Yoga button or green Strength Training button on the Training menu. Selecting Back returns you to the Yoga or Strength Training exercise selector menu. Selecting Start proceeds directly into training at the Activity Level indicated (Yoga does not have different activity levels, but Strength Training does with the number of reps), unless this is your first time selecting the activity, at which point you'll automatically watch a quick demonstration. Any time during an exercise, you can press + on the Wii Remote to access the Pause menu, which gives you the option to Continue playing the current session, Retry (this restarts the activity), or Quit, which stops the activity and returns you to the Yoga or Strength Training Exercise selector menu. kBEfl Before starting any exercise program, consulting with a...

The Barbell Blues

Other than the beach, you're not likely to see more uncovered surface area of your fellow man than at the gym. Big deal Well, yeah If you want to see and be seen by your local fitness brethren, the gym is the joint to frequent. We know one guy who takes the yoga class offered at his club not because he's interested in this ancient and subtle art, but because the class consists primarily of women. His strategy hasn't netted him any hot dates, but his flexibility has greatly improved.

Strap or towel

A yoga strap is another prop that you can use and it's usually made of cotton and comes in 6- or 8-foot lengths. Yoga straps typically don't have the loops usually found on stretching straps. Instead, a yoga strap has a buckle that allows you to create a loop in one end of the strap. The 6-foot strap will probably be long enough for most of you, but if you're over 6 feet tall, you may want to try the 8-foot length. These straps are easy to find on the Internet or at a local yoga center. jjtiM A towel isn't as customizable as a stretching strap or a yoga strap, but it's a great substitute if neither of the straps is available or if you simply don't want to spend the money. A hand towel is a little small, so use a gym towel or small bath towel to have plenty of length to work with. But if you plan on making stretching a permanent part of your fitness routine (which I highly recommend), purchase a strap of your own. It's a small investment of less than ten bucks, and you won't regret it.

What is Maxalding

Maxalding can be used alone or as a complementary training system. Besides this, Maxalding implies an art and a lifestyle in itself. Although the basic controls are few, the huge richness of the human body makes the mastery of MC practically limitless. The spiritual benefits of Maxalding are very important too and can be compared favourably with other training philosophies like Yoga or Tai-Chi. But Maxalding is not a mystical approach to Physical Culture, it is an art and a science in which the student devotes to the study of the language of the muscles. The scientific basis of Maxalding is solid and well founded.

Understanding METs

The Wii Fit Plus routines are designed to help you target certain areas, such as a specific body part or your balance skills. You can select from Lifestyle, Health, Youth, and Form, each of which has three different focus areas with its own routines, all of which include three exercises, as shown in Table 4-1. You can opt to perform only one of the routines from these focus areas by clicking the one you want and then selecting Start. You can also opt to create your own routine by combining the available routines, which can be done by clicking the Combine button at the Wii Fit Plus Routines Menu screen. Whereas My Routines only allows you to select Yoga and Strength Training activities, these incorporate other Wii Fit Plus activities.

Training menu

If you're going to become fitter, you have to train for it, and that's where the aptly named Training menu comes in. The Training menu, shown in Figure 1-6, includes Training Plus, Yoga, Strength Training, Aerobics, Balance Games, and My Wii Fit Plus options. It is also where your Fit Bank resides, which we describe in greater detail a little later on. From the Training menu, click any of the options on the right-hand side to bring up the applicable training submenu. For information on Yoga and Strength Training, refer to Chapter 3 My Wii Fit Plus, Chapter 4 Aerobics, Chapter 5 and Training Plus and Balance Games, Chapter 6. Click the Switch Trainer icon to toggle between the male and female trainer in the Yoga and Strength submenu. In the Yoga and Strength Training submenu, after you select an exercise, you can click Demo to watch a trainer explain how to do the chosen movement. Click the Skip button at any time to jump to a screen that allows you to get a more detailed view of the...


In most instances, people consider flexibility to be the third leg of the fitness tripod, the other two being cardiovascular stimulation and strength building. While enhanced flexibility is desirable, you don't have to enroll in a yoga class or stretch constantly (or at all) to safely achieve flexibility. There is widespread confusion, even among fitness authorities, between stretching and flexibility. What you want is not increased flexibility so much as enhanced flexibility. This goal is achieved by an application of resistance at the safe extremes of a muscle's range of motion. It follows that by performing appropriate exercise with resistance through a full range of motion, you will be doing everything that you should (and could) to improve your flexibility. Yoga or stretching exercises are not going to enhance your flexibility. Instead, either they will induce a state of sufficiency, which is a pulling or tugging sensation in the muscle that occurs because you've put it in a...

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