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Weight training stimulates muscle growth. But if you want to enhance and maintain your weight loss, you need to have structure in your diet.

This structure will come in the form of proper nutrition and will help you stay in the best shape possible. Eating right will not only keep you healthy, it will boost your immune system having an inside-out effect. It will make the internal organs in your body process more efficiently which will lead to better looking skin, more definition in your muscles, and an overall healthier looking body.

Here is a basic overview of the nutrients your body needs and what they do:

1) Proteins- The chemical building blocks from which our cells, organs, and tissues are made.

2) Carbohydrates- Your basic energy source that is composed of simple and complex carbohydrates.

3) Fats- These cells are your energy storage units.

4) Water- Essential for a number of vital bodily functions & accounts for approximately 72% of your muscle tissue while transporting all of your nutrients, increasing your blood volume, and eliminating waste.

5) Vitamins- These complex chemicals are required for bodily operations, are produced naturally by the body, and are referred to as "organic compounds."

6) Minerals- Not produced in nature and of referred to as "inorganic."

Here is a more detailed description of the nutrients. Proteins:

Q: Why Does The Body Need Protein?

A: Protein is a nutrient made up of amino acids. There are two types of amino acids. Non-essential Amino Acids that can usually be synthesized by a healthy body from the daily foods that we eat. Then there are Essential Amino Acids that must be obtained through the daily diet.

Protein has a number of important roles in the body, including:

> Repairing of body cells

> Building and repairing muscles and bones

> Providing a source of energy

> Regulating many important metabolic processes in the body

Without protein, you cannot build muscle tissue. In your diet, you will incorporate approximately one portion of protein with every meal. This will help build muscle tissue and give you a leaner body.

The most effective source of protein is whey protein that is discussed in the next chapter.

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