Table Tilt Plus

This version is more challenging than Table Tilt in the Balance Games, which we describe later in this chapter. The objective is to successfully navigate your Mii-balls into the holes by tilting the floating platform by shifting your bodyweight left, right, forward, and back on the Balance Board. Movements should be subtle to prevent the balls from dropping off the table. If one or more balls drop off, you have to wait for the platform to make a 180-degree turn before your Mii-ball(s) are returned to the board, and if you had any Mii-balls left on the platform, their positions may be affected by the platform's rotation. Each table has unique contours and obstacles for you to navigate around or use to guide your Mii-balls into the goal holes, as shown in Figure 6-6. You have 60 seconds to complete all levels. This one is so challenging that we couldn't even determine how many levels are needed to complete the activity at the beginner level. Level 6 is a killer!

Figure 6-6:

Guide your Mii-balls into the goal holes.

Figure 6-6:

Guide your Mii-balls into the goal holes.

Scoring: You get six points for every Mii-ball successfully guided into the goal holes, which also adds six seconds to your timer. If you do manage to complete all levels, the total number of balls placed in the goal is added to the time left on the clock. Scores in the triple digits are possible but very difficult to achieve!

Balance Bubble Plus

This version of Balance Bubble is a much more challenging version than the one we describe later in this chapter. Your Mii appears in a bubble in a river, and your job is to safely navigate your Mii through the course by avoiding the river's edge and obstacles by leaning forward, backward, left, and right on the Balance Board. The farther forward you lean, the faster your Mii travels down the river, whereas leaning back will slow your Mii down. Leaning left and right steers your Mii accordingly. Keep movements subtle and control your speed until you become comfortable with the course, because you must navigate tight twists and turns, including an area where you have limited visibility and various pillars to circumvent. You have two minutes to complete the beginner course.

Scoring: This game is scored based on time, but if your Mii's bubble bursts before you reach your goal, your score is recorded in yards.

Basic Run Plus

You will put your Balance Board aside for this aerobic activity that also tests your awareness. You run the course, as you would for any of the running activities outlined in Chapter 5, but you are given a quiz about what you saw on your run at the end of the activity. You are asked questions like "Did you ever fall down?" and "How many dogs did you see?" The quiz is multiple choice.

Scoring: Your score is given as a percentage that includes your Burn Rate and Mental Focus.

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