Setting Goals

Wii Fit Plus allows you to set weight-loss or weight-gain goals. After you set your goal, you are locked in for one week, unless you reach that goal earlier or want to create a new Mii or delete your user data. You can undertake the last option by clicking on the happy-face, word-balloon icon on the top right of the Calendar screen and then selecting Delete User Data. However, after you delete it, all of your data is gone forever.

Statistically, people with a BMI of 22 are said to be the least likely to get sick, and if your BMI is over 25, you may have increased health risks; however, as discussed earlier, BMI has considerable limitations. Don't obsess over a BMI goal — try to keep your weight-loss goals to one to two pounds per week. Your doctor can provide the best guidance, as he or she will be able to take your medical history into account.

Also, try to keep your goals realistic. We suggest setting smaller goals, as this will enhance motivation and effort. If you feel you're able to constantly improve, you're more likely to stick with your exercise program and be more enthusiastic about it. Bigger goals can feel overwhelming and unattainable, which may increase the chance that you'll throw in the towel before you've realized your full potential. Furthermore, accomplishing several smaller goals adds up to that big goal faster than you think.

If you start to build muscle, you may find your weight going up. This is because muscle weighs more than fat, and this should not be considered a bad thing. What matters most is how you feel. It truly is not all about the numbers, so don't be disheartened if you don't reach the goal you've set. It's the progress that counts, even if it's one more repetition on an exercise or being able to hold a yoga position for a few seconds longer.

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