Finding Your Center of Balance

Your center of balance, more commonly referred to as your center of gravity, is the point between the left and right sides of your body in which your body mass (weight) is considered to concentrate and through which gravity is enacting its constant downward force. It is this point that is working hard to keep you balanced. For most people, this point lies at roughly the level of the second sacral vertebra (S2), which is located in the lower part of the back just above the coccyx (tailbone) when standing upright, but it can vary based on your age, sex, build, posture, and whether you are supporting any external weight, such as a purse or shopping bag. It will also change depending on the position of your body and your movements. For example, your center of balance is lower when you bend your knees to perform the Rowing Squat under the Strength Training exercises and higher when you raise your arms to do the Half-Moon pose under the Yoga exercises (both of these are outlined in Chapter 3). The Balance Board has four Balance Sensors, which it uses to find and track your center of balance during most Wii Fit Plus activities; some activities just use the Wii Remote. Using the Remote allows you to make adjustments during the exercises, ensuring proper form and potentially helping you to improve your posture, which will prevent unnatural strain on your muscles, joints, and ligaments. To see if your posture and balance are improving, you can check your center of balance any time by taking the Body Test.

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