The Calendar screen, as shown in Figure 1-5, is the first screen you encounter after registering a new Mii or choosing a Mii from the Wii Fit Plaza. The Calendar screen is also the secondary gateway to daily training with Wii Fit Plus.

Figure 1-5:

A sample Calendar screen. Every day you perform a Body Test, you get a stamp on your Calendar.

Figure 1-5:

A sample Calendar screen. Every day you perform a Body Test, you get a stamp on your Calendar.

The options in this navigation area are as follows:

✓ Wii Fit Plaza: Clicking the return arrow icon at the upper left of the screen brings you back to the Wii Fit Plaza.

✓ Graph: Clicking the line graph icon at the lower left of the screen brings up a detailed chart of your Mii's daily progress. Use the buttons on the top row to toggle the graph's display between BMI, Weight, Wii Fit Age, Fit Credits, Waist, and Steps. Hover over a point on the graph with the Wii Remote to view a specific value for that day.

Waist and Steps measurements are entered manually. To measure your waist, bend at your side. The crease that forms indicates your natural waistline, which should be directly above your belly button and below your rib cage. Wrap a soft tape measure around your waist, directly on your skin. Exhale gently as you pull the tape so it remains taut against your body, but does not squeeze your skin. Your waist measurement is the number that meets the starting point of the tape. As for steps, you can measure these by using a pedometer. Some suggestions on what to look for in a pedometer are presented in Chapter 13.

You can click on the onscreen + and - buttons or press the same buttons on the Wii Remote to change the vertical and horizontal date range displayed on the graph. To scroll, click and drag the Wii Remote pointer anywhere on the graph. You can scroll farther by letting go of A and pressing it again. Click the Back button or press B on your Wii Remote to return to the Calendar screen.

✓ My Wii Fit Plus: A floating orange door appears in the lower left of your Calendar screen after the first time you access My Wii Fit Plus from the Training menu. This door is your instant portal to My Wii Fit Plus, saving you from having to take the long route via the Training menu to access this option.

✓ User Settings: Click the happy-face, word-balloon icon at the upper right of the screen to pull up a submenu with the following options:

• Edit Profile: Edit your Mii's height, date of birth, and password. Click an option, then use the onscreen arrows or + and - buttons on the Wii Remote to edit the information. Click OK when finished or press the B button on the Wii Remote to back out.

• Change Design: This option allows you to change your calendar color and choose a new design for your calendar stamp. The more you play Wii Fit Plus, the more stamps you unlock, up to a total of eight.

• Save Time: If you find that you consistently work out late at night and prefer your data recorded on a particular day, you can use this option to tell Wii Fit Plus to begin a new day at 3:00 a.m. instead of 12:00 a.m.

• Delete User Data: This ominous sounding option does exactly what it says, deletes all the stored data for your current Mii. If you choose Yes from the confirmation screen, all your measurements and hard work will be gone forever.

✓ Calendar: The calendar smack dab in the middle of the screen shows a stamp for every day you've performed a Body Test for the currently selected month. Click a stamped day to see the results of your BMI and Center of Balance tests for that particular day. Click the onscreen + and - buttons or press the same buttons on the Wii Remote to scroll through the months.

✓ Body Test: This option allows you to perform the Body Test for the day, as described earlier in this chapter. If you perform more than one Body Test in a day, the newest results will replace the previous results, provided you elect to save the more recent results. Because your body fluctuates throughout the day, you will often get different results. Try to do a Body Test only once each day and at roughly the same time each day for the most consistent results.

✓ Training: Opening this menu allows you to access the exercises you bought Wii Fit Plus for in the first place. We cover this in the next section.

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