Body control baseline

Because this is your first time using Wii Fit Plus, your body control assessment starts with the Basic Balance Test. For a more comprehensive overview of this test, turn to Chapter 2.

To set up your body control baseline, follow these steps:

1. Press A on the controller until you reach the Basic Balance Test, where you are presented with brief instructions and a prompt to press A to start. Spread your feet evenly apart on the Balance Board and press A when ready.

2. Balance left and right on the board to keep each of the red bars in its respective blue area for three seconds.

You go through a few practice rounds before the countdown to the real trial, which challenges you to make often dramatic left and right shifts and then hold your position for three seconds. You have 30 seconds to finish all five rounds. If you are unable to finish them within the allotted time, you are given a default score of 30 seconds. The less time you take to finish the Basic Balance Test, the better your score.

3. Press A to proceed.

After receiving either good-natured ribbing or praise about your Basic Balance Test performance, you are presented with your Wii Fit Age. Much like BMI, consider your Wii Fit Age, which is described in greater detail in Chapter 2, an arbitrary baseline that will be useful as a future point of reference.

4. Press A on the controller until you're prompted to stamp your progress on the calendar. Point your Wii Remote at your TV screen and press A to stamp today's date with a footprint.

Congratulations, you're now official!

5. Press A to continue after reading each of the information prompts until you reach the Goal screen.

Wii Fit Plus suggests a goal based on your analysis. For example, if you're overweight, it may suggest setting a goal to help bring your BMI down. Regardless of its suggestion, the goal is yours to set.

You can point and click on either the up or down arrow on the screen to increase or decrease your weight goal, respectively, which in turn shows the effect on your BMI rating, up or down. Be sure to set a reasonable initial goal: no more than a few pounds to gain or lose, depending on your needs. After your selection is made, you'll be prompted for a deadline. The default is two weeks from today, which is the minimum span of time and a figure you may or may not be able to increase depending upon what goal you selected. For example, if you selected to lose only one pound, the maximum amount of time you can set to reach that goal is three months. Alternately, if you selected to lose two pounds, the maximum amount of time can be set to six months. As you change your deadline, the calculation shown for what you'll need to lose or gain every two weeks changes as well. After selected, you'll be prompted to either Change your goal or to click OK to proceed. We discuss setting goals in more detail in Chapter 2, so for now, click OK.

You can make a new goal and deadline every week, so don't worry too much about setting this initial goal. It's more important at this early stage to familiarize yourself with the software and exercises.

Press A to continue after reading each of the information prompts until you reach the Password prompt screen.

Selecting Yes allows you to protect your profile with a password if you wish to hide your weight and other data from others. Using a password is discussed in detail in Chapter 2. For now, either select No or Yes. If you select Yes, you are asked to enter a four-digit PIN for a password. When prompted, reenter the number to confirm. Press A to continue through the information prompts.

You should now be prompted with the option to register a family member or friend (this prompt does not apply if you already have all eight available slots filled). Selecting No brings you to the Calendar screen, while selecting Yes brings you to the Wii Fit Plaza. See "Navigating the Wii Fit Plus Menus" later in this chapter for an explanation of your options at each of these screens. But first, let's find out more about the Balance Board.

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