Assessing and Comparing Your Results

To review changes in your BMI, weight, Wii Fit Age, Fit Credits, Waist, and Steps, click on the graph icon on the lower left of the Calendar screen, which pulls up a graph with tabs for each of these categories, as shown in Figure 2-7. Click on the desired tab to review your results. You can scroll through any of these graphs by pointing at the graph, pressing and holding the A button, and then moving your Wii Remote in the direction you want to scroll. You can also change the time point displayed for any of these graphs by clicking - or + in the Graph Display Area, which is located to the right directly below the calendar and to the left of your Mii.

The following list examines each of these tabs in greater detail.

✓ BMI: Initially, the horizontal axis lists the days of the current month and the vertical axis lists BMI. A triangular point shows your goal. The dates that Body Tests were taken are plotted out in a line graph, allowing you to see how close you are to reaching your goal and whether you've made any progress. If you hover over the points, the date and your BMI pop up in a black bubble. Clicking the + in the Graph Display Area allows you to assess the results between different points in time, including 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months, and 1 year. The results for 3 months

and 1 year are provided as a scatter plot, which allows you to easily observe trends. Did your BMI go up in December? Maybe you got carried away eating too much delicious holiday fare and can make a mental note not to let that happen again.

✓ Weight: This chart is plotted the same way as BMI, except that the vertical axis now lists weights. Depending on what your goal is relative to your weight, you may not see the point indicating your goal on the graph, unless you click the + in the Graph Display Area and pick another vantage point, such as 2 weeks or 3 months. As with BMI, the scatter plot views provide a good overview of trends in your weight, allowing you to identify potential weight busters, such as the ice cream shop that opened for the season next to where you work that you started frequenting in April.

✓ Wii Fit Age: Because your Wii Fit Age may vary greatly (see Determining Your Wii Fit Age, earlier in this chapter), this measure may best be observed as a scatter plot by selecting the 3-month or 1-year view from the Graph Display Area. Although not a very relevant measure of your progress or fitness level, it may be interesting to compare your highs and lows.

✓ Fit Credits: When you pull up this graph, you see dates on the horizontal axis, units of time in minutes on the vertical axis, and a color-coded key for each category of activity available on Wii Fit Plus. Notice that these colors correspond to those on the Training Menu; however, an additional category at the very top of this key, called Activity Log, has a corresponding button to the right of the key. If you record any exercises or activities done outside of Wii Fit Plus to the Activity Log, these are also tracked here as a bar graph; you can track activities for babies and pets as well. If multiple activities are performed on a given day, the bar will be divided into color segments of varying size to indicate the activities performed and how long they were performed. From the Graph Display Area, you can pick 1 week, 2 weeks, and 1 month. The 1-month setting is the easiest to scroll through, but the bars become quite small and may be hard to read.

✓ Waist: This measure is not automatically recorded by Wii Fit Plus, and any waist measurement must be manually entered. You can do this by clicking Waist and then Record. All waist measurements are entered in inches. For tips on measuring your waist, turn to Chapter 1. Wii Fit Plus allows you to track waist measurements for babies and pets as well.

✓ Steps: As with waist measurements, Steps are manually recorded. The ability to log your steps in Wii Fit Plus is useful if you use a pedometer. If you are considering purchasing one, turn to Chapter 13 for guidance on what to look for. If you already own a pedometer, strive for 10,000 steps a day — a common fitness goal. Wii Fit Plus allows you to keep track of steps for babies and pets as well. We aren't sure why you'd want to track baby steps, but if your dog or cat is in serious need of a diet, this feature may be useful. You can purchase pet pedometers at select retailers.

Activity Log

To add an activity to the Activity Log, press the Activity Log button. Press A when you see "You can record exercises and activities done outside Wii Fit Plus in your Activity Log," and then click on Yes when you see "Do you want to record an activity in your Activity Log?" You will then have to select an activity type, Light, Normal, or Hard. If you are unsure how your activity ranks, you can click on Examples for each of these to get an idea. After you make your selection, just click on the up and down arrows for hours and minutes as desired and press OK. You will then receive a summary of what was added, followed by the question "Would you like to add another activity?" Pick Yes or No, depending on what you'd like to do.

Figure 2-7:

The Graph screen, showing the BMI tab selected with its corresponding results.

Figure 2-7:

The Graph screen, showing the BMI tab selected with its corresponding results.

Although the Fit Credits graph shows how much time you are investing in each type of Wii Fit Plus activity, it won't help you ascertain whether your performance on individual exercises is improving. Although the star ranking you receive after completing an exercise serves as a good indicator, as you will also see previous records and results, the best indicator is the ease with which you are able to perform an exercise. So, if at first your legs turned to jelly after squeezing out five Rowing Squats, but after some work you are able to do ten with relative ease, you've made a lot of progress!

Want to see how you performed on a past Body Test? Get a replay by clicking on the desired stamped date on the Calendar screen.

Fitness and Exercise

Fitness and Exercise

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