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Dumbbell Routines and Exercises

Dumbbell Exercises and Lifting Routines

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The exercises in this guide will help explain some of the best ways to perform some of the more popular weight training exercises. These weight training exercises have been taken from the website www.building-muscle101.com .

The information in building muscle 101 is geared towards the novice weight trainer but it can also be a nice refresher for those seasoned weight lifters and athletes.

The main goal of this web site is to give you quality information you need to put together a muscle building plan from start to finish. No gimmicks and no hype. If you are looking to build muscle and power, this website can be a great help.

With this web site you will find great weight lifting information and weight lifting tips to help you build muscle and get you started on your life long pursuit of health and fitness.

Here's what you can expect from Building muscle 101:

■ How to design and implement your weight lifting routine;

■ How to build a complete nutritional plan;

■ Weight lifting supplements;

Fitness equipment reviews;

■ Tasty body building recipes and menus;

■ Weight lifting tips and techniques;

■ Beginner weight lifting routines to the advanced;

■ Specialized training routines;

■ Figuring out your optimal nutritional needs;

■ Full exercise illustrations and descriptions;

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• Flat Bench press

• Flat bench press with dumbbells

• Flat bench dumbbell fly

• Incline bench press

• Incline dumbbell press

• Parallel bar dips

• Decline dumbbell bench press

• Incline dumbbell fly

• Dumbbell pullover


■ Bent over rowing

■ Lat machine pull downs

■ Low cable pulley rows

■ One arm dumbbell rows

■ Good mornings

■ Hyperextensions

■ Dumbbell Dead lift


■ Press behind the neck

■ Seated dumbbell press

■ Side lateral raises

■ Alternate front dumbbell raises

■ Bent over laterals

■ Arnold presses

■ Single arm dumbbell lateral raise

■ Side cable laterals Quadriceps (Upper Legs)

■ Leg extensions

■ Dumbbell lunges

■ Dumbbell squat


■ Stiff legged dead lifts

■ Dumbbell stiff legged dead lifts


■ Standing calf raise

■ Seated calf raise

■ Donkey calf raise


■ Standing barbell curls

■ Seated alternate dumbbell curls

■ Concentration curls

Preacher curl

■ Incline dumbbell curl

■ Standing dumbbell curls


■ Close grip bench press

■ Lying triceps extensions

■ Standing cable press downs

■ Seated over head barbell extensions

■ Triceps kick backs

■ Overhead rope extensions

■ One arm dumbbell extensions

■ Hanging leg raise

■ Incline knee raises


■ Reverse barbell curl

■ Reverse wrist curl

Muscles of the front body

Muscles of the back of body

Building Muscle 101 Weight Training Guide

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