Wiping It Clean

Here's another bit of obvious advice that's often ignored. Wipe your sweat off the piece of equipment you've just used. Surprisingly, it's a practice that's frequently ignored. It's standard practice to work out with a small towel, bandana, or piece of paper towel. Some people place the towel between them and the seat or bench they're up against. Some just wipe it down after they're done. As long as the sweat is gone, either way is just fine.

The "sweating-on-the-equipment" phenomenon can be a touchy one, and some people clearly go overboard, audibly sighing as they wipe the very machine you've just thoroughly toweled off. Our experience is to let them do the extra housework and hope they get to a therapist who can help them deal with their intense reaction to the thought of someone else's perspiration.

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