Whats the Point

These are comments we hear all the time: "I'm a swimmer—why do I need strong leg muscles?" Or, "I cycle a lot so I don't need to work my legs." Or, "I'm a runner and don't want to do leg exercises because my legs will get too big"—or any number of other faulty lines of reasoning.

Here are good reasons why lifting weights with your legs will serve you well:

> Strong leg muscles are the key to injury prevention in sports from cycling to running. In fact, weak leg muscles are the number-one reason that runners are unable to complete proper training for a marathon or finish the actual race itself.

> Strong legs will help your performance on the field. For example, some people think that a pitcher like Roger Clemens can throw a baseball nearly 100 miles per hour because he has an exceptional right arm. Of course he does, but much of his velocity comes from his powerful thighs.

> Strong muscles protect your hip, knee, and ankle joints from a lifetime of stress—from running, jumping, and going up and down stairs.

> They look good when you wear shorts. Similarly, just think about how weird it looks to have a great upper body and itty-bitty legs.

> For the elderly, keeping the legs strong is important for balance, walking moderate- to long distances and moving from a sitting to a standing position.

Now that we've convinced you that you need strong legs, let's show you how to get them.

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