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When you look over the programs listed below, your first reaction may be that there are not a whole lot of exercises included. There's a reason for this. Since we're asking you to work hard and exhibit perfect form on each, the trade-off is that we won't ask you to do a lot of exercises. After all, it's only human that your concentration and willpower will falter if you have to do an endless series of exercises each time out. As we promised way back in Chapter 2, "Hurry Up and Weight," working out won't take you all day, and we meant it.

These basic routines shouldn't take more than 45 minutes each. That includes about one minute for each of the exercises and two minutes off between each set. While that's not a significant investment in time, if you do these routines faithfully—with effort and concentration—you'll get stronger. As you can see from the chart below, we've imitated a Chinese menu (one from column A; one from column B) and tried to give you the option of deciding between free weights or machine exercises whenever possible. Depending on your preference and the availability of any one machine or free weight apparatus, there's no need to stick with one or the other exclusively.

Whenever you see an exercise highlighted that means we want you to do a light warm-up set with about half your normal weight before moving on to your regular set of these exercises. Remember to aim for sets of 10 to 12 reps with a three-second positive and three-second negative, with a one-second pause between. In other words, lifting the weight will take three seconds, the downward phase will take three seconds, and so on until the set is done. Take two minutes between exercises. You can take less time if you care to, but try hard not to take more. If you do, that 45-minute figure will creep over the one-hour mark.

Here's the chart to help you pick one of the following exercises from the machine column and/or freeweight column. As we said, feel free to mix it up—use some free-weight exercises and some machines if you like. Work your way from the top of the list down to the bottom.

Mix and Match Machines and Freeweights

Muscles Machine Exercise Freeweight Exercise

Glutes, quads, Leg press Lunges hamstrings

Quads Leg extension

Hamstrings Leg curl


Machine Exercise

Freeweight Exercise

Gastroc (calves) Lats

Traps Pecs




Obliques Lower back

Standing toe raise Lat pull down

Chest press Flye

Shoulder press Lateral raise Biceps machine Triceps pushdown Abdominal machine Rotary torso Back raise

Pull-ups (assisted if necessary)


Bench press Pec deck

Dumbbell military press

Lateral raise

Seated dumbbell curl

French curl


Oblique crunches

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