What Goes Where and

In This Chapter

Learning how your muscles work V Deciding if home or the gym is right for you Weighing the risks and benefits of solo training

Get in your car, press the gas pedal, and it moves. Go to the gym, lift enough weight, your muscles get bigger and stronger. Although that's all you really need to know in order to get someplace in an automobile, some people like to have a greater appreciation for the inner workings of things. Just as understanding how your car works can help you keep it in tip-top condition, developing a basic appreciation of how muscles work can give you a better awareness of how and why they get stronger. That's what we'll do in this chapter: show you how your muscles work and how you can make them stronger and thereby make yourself more fit. We'll also help you decide where— in your gym or in your home—you might be best suited to begin working out. Let's get started.

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