Virgin Territory

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Finding your way around the gym Do you need a trainer?

Don't be dazzled by those high-tech machines Freeweights: What goes up

With few exceptions, the first time you do anything—go to school, kiss that special someone, jump out of an airplane—you're liable to feel anything from uncertainty to downright terror. (Kissing a blind date while skydiving really can cause sweaty palms!) For many people, stepping into a gym for the first time can be an intimidating experience. There's music blaring, sweating bodies basking in their own reflected glory, and the drone of machines working in the background. In fact, one of the reasons people say they delay starting an exercise program isn't because they lack the motivation, but because they're nervous about being in such a foreign setting.

Relax! Gyms represent an athletic cross-section of the world you've just stepped in from. It is populated by people like you and me, so once you spend a little time inside the mirrored walls, our bet is you'll look back and laugh at those first anxious moments. And we'll help you along the way in this chapter.

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