Tricep Kickbacks

The tricep kickback is a great way to isolate your triceps, but it requires strict form to be effective. You'll know you're doing it correctly when you feel the burn in the rear of your arm.

Here is how you properly perform a tricep kickback:

1. Place one knee and hand on the bench for support.

2. Slightly bend the standing leg.

3. The working arm should be bent 90° at the shoulder and 90° at the elbow.

4. Keep your arm close to your side. To gain the full benefit from this exercise it's important to keep your upper arm parallel to the ground. Pay strict attention to your form.

5. Slowly straighten your elbow and return to the starting position.

Tricep kickback start/ finish position.

Tricep kickback midrange position.

The following is a list of don'ts: >- Allow your back to sag.

> Shift your body back and forth in an effort to get the weight up.

> Let your upper arm drop—keep it parallel to the ground throughout the range of motion.

The following is a list of do's: >- Keep your back straight and your abdomen tight.

> Keep your eyes fixed on the bench. Looking up or sideways can put stress on your neck.

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