Tricep Freeweights

You know what gives championship boxers their powerful jab? Biceps? Alas, you're wrong. It's the triceps that are responsible for that piston-like punch that will keep your opponent (or the heavy bag) at bay.

Typically, when we train biceps we do exercises to work the triceps as well. Located in the back of your upper arm, the triceps and biceps are neighbors who share a backyard fence. The triceps are actually made of three muscles, hence the name. There are several exercises we'll describe that can be used to strengthen each of the three. This triangular-shaped set of muscles is involved whenever you use your shoulders or chest in pressing, pushing movements.

Why strong triceps? Because of the following reasons:

> They come in handy if you're forced to square off with Mike Tyson.

> Your prowess at pushing a shopping cart will improve.

> You'll have much stronger arms.

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