Towel Please

Belonging to a gym that provides towels to its paying customers is a major plus, especially if you work out nearly every day. First off, stuffing a towel in your gym bag or backpack takes up a lot of room, and washing and drying the things takes time and energy you might spend better elsewhere. Health clubs with juice bars, massage therapists, and stores with workout gear generally dispense towels as you enter, the way Carnegie Hall provides mints at a concert, but that's because they charge a much higher membership than their "no frills" counterparts. Less-refined establishments like the Brooklyn gym Deidre and Joe be-long to charge patrons a buck for the use of a towel—and they aren't the fluffy face savers you'll find in Bloomingdale's. Essentially, if you travel this daily towel route you'll add about $50 to $100 per year to your annual membership.

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