The Least You Need to Know

Working out alone means knowing the risks and taking special care, especially if you use freeweights.

Setting up a home gym may be more cost effective than paying a gym membership—assuming you use it.

If you decide to purchase equipment for a home gym, be a wise consumer— and that especially goes for freeweights.

Part 2

Gearing Up

This section is a complete primer on everything you'll need to know before you actually get thee to a gym.

In Chapter 6, we discuss the importance (or lack thereof) of looking good in your exercise threads. In other words—what to wear and why. If you've been wondering about some of the subtleties of jog bras, this is the chapter for you.

In Chapters 7 and 8, we get into the basics of a proper diet, and we spend some time talking about the pros and cons of the scores of nutritional supplements out there today.

Chapter 9 will address that dreaded, but often necessary, visit to the doctor. We'll talk about some of the issues that may come up in his or her office and what to do if you're not feeling up to snuff.

Chapter 6

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