The Barbell Blues

Other than the beach, you're not likely to see more uncovered surface area of your fellow man than at the gym. Big deal? Well, yeah! If you want to see and be seen by your local fitness brethren, the gym is the joint to frequent. We know one guy who takes the yoga class offered at his club not because he's interested in this ancient and subtle art, but because the class consists primarily of women. His strategy hasn't netted him any hot dates, but his flexibility has greatly improved.

Gyms obviously are for working out, but the social component (which varies from gym to gym) is always a factor. We'll talk more about this in Chapter 4, "Look Before You Lift," but it's clear that some folks do more schmoozing than lifting. (They might not get fitter, but they're conversationally quite strong.) Some do a bit of both. No matter. Whether you're training for the Decathlon or for a coed badminton outing, the ability to socialize with a variety of people is one of the most enjoyable sides of becoming a gym regular.

The wide variety of people in our gym in Brooklyn produces some conversational classics. Joe often finds himself in the locker room sandwiched between Dick, the Ivy League historian, and Richie, a chatty Brooklyn sanitation worker with a proclivity for the inane and profane. "Hey Joey," he asked one memorable time, interrupting Joe's conversation about the publication of Dick's latest book on the Korean War. "Have you noticed that blankin' baby food tastes different these days?"

Such interchanges are not likely to motivate you to run to the nearest YMCA, but it is worth noting that that's where the three authors of this book met. In fact, it's where husband and wife—Jonathan and Deidre—met. (For the record, their eyes met over the leg extension machine at the Hunter College Gym.)

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