Superset Routines

In Chapter 22, "Getting Fancy," we told you that a superset is a pair of exercises performed with no rest in between. (Again, you can superset opposing muscle groups or the same muscle groups.) We also told you that we really like supersets as a way of pushing your muscles real hard.

We'll now describe superset routines for the same muscle groups. One of the best reasons for performing supersets is that you can get an extremely effective workout without the increased risk of orthopedic injuries from using too much weight. In fact, because your muscles are taxed harder, you usually use less weight when doing a superset.

Yes, it's an ego-buster if you get hung up on how much is enough, but unless you decrease the weight for the second set by about 25 percent, you'll never manage to do more than a couple of reps on the second exercise.

Way back in Chapter 1, "Let's Get Physical!" we told you that you'd benefit from the countless mistakes the three of us have already made. Here's one for you. The first time Jonathan tried doing a superset years ago, he did a good hard set of flyes to exhaust his pecs and jumped right to a bench press. Ambitious lad that he was, his plan was to use the same amount for the bench press as he usually did. Halfway through his first rep, painful visions of a mouse in a trap came to mind. He struggled to finish one rep with his normal weight, checked his ego at the door, and graphically learned how effective preexhaustion can be.

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