Suit Yourself

If you take nothing else from this chapter, here's what we'd like you to learn loud and clear:

The key to adhering to an exercise program, whether you're old or young, is doing something that you enjoy.

In other words: Have fun!

In the cardio realm that means choosing an activity that you look forward to: swimming, cycling, brisk walking, hiking, jogging, in-line skating, stair climbing, or water aerobics, you name it—as long as you enjoy it. While those activities will provide enormous physical and mental benefits, none of them provides you with the benefits that weight training does. In a study conducted over a period of 10 years, the subjects, elite middle-aged runners, were shown to lose five pounds of muscle during the course of the 10 years.

Our experience, however, is that if you regularly engage in a sport that you like, you'll have the energy and eagerness to lift weights, even if you find it as interesting as watching the grass grow. Remember that we're only asking you to pump iron anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes several times a week.

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