Back pain from weak muscles requires strengthening of the muscles along the spine, scapula (shoulder blades), legs, and abdominals in addition to stretching of muscles that have been shortened from sitting in a slouched position for a prolonged period of time.

We recommend that in addition to improving your posture, you begin this regimen of stretching and strengthening exercises.

Body Part



Pec stretch


Alternate iliopsoas stretch

Upper back, lower back,

Spinal twist

side of hips, rib cage

Lower back and hip

Lower back and side of hip

Body Part Exercises

Back Lat pulls

Reverse flyes Cable row

Back extension machine Abdominals Crunches, reverse crunches,

Obliques Legs Lunges

Leg press machine Leg curl machine

For back pain resulting from a herniation, the exercises you need to do depend on the type of herniation. The most common herniation is a posterolateral herniation where the symptoms increase when you bend forward. In this case, your exercises must emphasize backward bending. In acute cases or cases undergoing treatment, abdominal exercises are not recommended because of the forward bending required.

To develop sound muscular integrity, strengthening the middle and lower muscles in your back and legs is extremely important.

Body Part



Alternate iliopsoas stretch


Alternate hamstring stretch

Body Part



Lat pull downs

Cable rows (from a neutral position, no forward


Back extension machine(from a neutral position, no

forward bending)


Leg extension machine

Leg curl machine

Lunges (concentrate on holding the abdominals tight

and keeping the back straight)

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