Both ice-skating and its newfangled dry-land cousin, in-line skating (commonly known as rollerblading), require quite a bit of leg strength, as well as more upper body and midsection strength than you might realize.

Obviously, the muscles of your legs are the engine that propels you forward; however, strength in your lower back and abs will allow you to stay in a tight tuck as you work your arms to help keep you rolling along. Several elite bicycle racers have made the transition from cycling to speed skating because of the similarities between the physical demands of the two sports. Another thing that cyclists and skaters have in common is that they both inevitably hit the ground sooner or later. That's our way of reminding you not to skip the wrist and neck exercises that we recommend.

Here's a program catered to keeping you swift, fit, and healthy.

Body Part Exercises

Legs and hips Squat or leg press

Lunge Abduction Adduction Back Lat pull down

Chest Bench press

Shoulders Military press

Arms Seated biceps curl

Triceps push down Wrist curls continued continued

Body Part Exercises

Midsection Reverse crunch


Oblique crunch Back raise Neck Flexion

Extension Lateral flexion

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