Pecs to Flex

The pectorals (pecs) are the muscles that span the upper chest wall. They are largely responsible for pushing and throwing movements. There are actually two pectoral muscles—the pectoralis major (the muscle we're concentrating on for weight-lifting purposes) and the pectoralis minor, which depresses the scapula (or shoulder blade); the pectoralis minor often gets extremely tight in people who have poor posture and needs to be massaged to get released.

Why strong pecs? Because of the following reasons:

>- If you play baseball or any other sport involving throwing, strong pecs can give you that added oomph.

>- If you're a swimmer, building your pecs will get you from one side of the pool to the other a bit quicker.

>- If you are taking boxing classes or practicing the martial arts, strong pecs can make your punch a little harder.

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