The Workout

It's funny how many people who start lifting have little or no idea what muscles they're working. "I want to work these things," they'll say, pointing to their deltoids. In Chapter 13, we'll give you an anatomy lesson so that you know what you're doing when the lifting begins.

Chapter 14 gives you a rundown of how you can expect your muscles to develop and respond when the fun starts. We also underscore the importance of proper form and technique—the foundation of any lifting program.

Chapters 15 through 20 are the guts of the how-to section. You'll find a complete list of weight-lifting exercises for your entire body. Each exercise is accompanied by photos and a thorough explanation of what to do. Why is it important to hold your elbows here or your knees there? This section, which tells you how and why, is your own personal trainer in print.

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