Nice Traps

Supersets are also an excellent way to strengthen and fill out your traps. The best way to isolate them is with shrugs, so we'll include them. As we mentioned in Chapter 16, "Flip Side," upright rows are a great exercise that work your deltoids and biceps in addition to your traps.

In order to place the concentration on your traps, we'll prefatigue them with shrugs followed immediately by upright rows. Strong traps are essential for everything from carrying shopping bags to rowing.

Trap superset:

Shrugs/upright rows

While we prefer prefatigue supersets to those that work opposing muscle groups, the latter is a good way to speed up a workout on days when you're pressed for time.

Here's an example of exercises that you can put back to back. In each case, the movement is in the same plane—what varies is the direction of the resistance. For instance, a lat pull down and a military press are essentially the same movement. In one case (military press) the resistance is pushing you down and in the other (lat pull down) it's pulling you up.

Here are a few examples of opposing supersets:

> Leg extensions/leg curls

> Abduction/adduction

> Lat pull downs/shoulder presses

> Machine rows/chest press machine or bench presses >- Upright rows/dips

> Crunches/back extensions

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