Look Before You Lift

In This Chapter

V How much is that gym in the window? Caveat emptor

My lawyer will call your lawyer

The thighbone is connected to the neck bone

Okay, you've decided after weighing the pros and cons of the "home versus gym" controversy outlined in the last chapter that working out in a gym might be best for you. The good news is that there are more gyms in the United States than there are fake blondes in Los Angeles. In fact, according to the Yellow Pages, there are more than 14,000 health clubs in this great nation of ours. (If you're looking to drop a few other health club facts at your next cocktail party, mention that the health club industry generated $9.6 billion in 1997. The number of health club members: 22.5 million.) With all these choices, how can you find the right gym for you? That's what we'll discuss in this chapter.

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