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V Choosing to stay healthy and fit

Understanding how weight training burns fat How to get the winning edge—safely Anyone, even you, can weight train!

There's a scene in an episode of Seinfeld in which a brassy, no-talent comedian tells Jerry that he's gotten so big from lifting weights that his suits no longer fit him. "I'm huge!" he brags. "You really oughta lift," he instructs the slender Seinfeld. Jerry replies: "Why?" This basic bit of logic throws the "pumped" lifter for a loop. "Don't know," he says quizzically.

Actually, there are more good reasons to lift weights than there are good sitcoms on television. In this chapter, we'll show you what those reasons are and how they might apply to your own life and fitness goals. Read on!

Here are eight:

1. It will improve your overall health and sense of well-being.

2. It will make you stronger and help prevent injuries on the playing field— virtually a must if you're a competitive athlete or weekend warrior.

Five Foods That Build Muscle

Five Foods That Build Muscle

How to properly fuel your body before and after your workouts, with the right nutrients and in the right way, for maximum results week after week! Find out why protein and hardwork is not enough...and why your results will suffer unless you add these other 5 foods to your muscle-building plan.

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