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V Dress for success in the gym

Threads and treads: do's and don'ts Sports bras: compression or encapsulation Accessories: to wrap or not to wrap?

What you wear to the gym is an issue of the utmost importance that really doesn't matter. By that we mean if it's comfortable, allows a full range of motion, and adheres to gym regulations, you could wear a tuxedo with tails or an evening gown and be good to go. While this sounds ridiculous—and it is—there was a terrific runner a few years ago who ran the New York City Marathon in a tuxedo jacket and shorts. (He discarded the black shoes and went with a pair of Nikes.)

So while you could work out effectively in a burlap bag, what you wear is of enormous personal relevance to who you are and what kind of statement you wish to make—if you wish to make any at all. Are you flashy or modest? A lycra proponent or fan of organic cotton? Do you go with the neon lime green bike jersey and large silver hoop earrings or stick with the ripped T-shirt that you wore when you went fishing with your Uncle Sylvester? In this chapter, we'll outline your options and make some recommendations about the workout clothes that might be right for you.

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