Hip Abduction

Since our muscles don't work in a vacuum, you don't really need to isolate your hip abductor muscles, because they are busy stabilizing and working while you're performing exercises like squats and lunges. However, there is no harm done if you choose to isolate these muscles.

Hip abduction start/finish position. Hip abduction middle position.

Here is how you properly perform a hip abduction:

1. Sit on the machine with your back against the back pad and your outer legs against the thigh pads.

2. Secure the belt if there is one.

3. Push the legs apart as far as possible by pushing against the thigh pads.

4. Return slowly to the initial starting position.

The following is a list of don'ts: >- Bend forward as the exercise is performed.

> Allow the weight stack to slam down on the remaining weight stack between repetitions.

Spot Me

People with relatively short legs may require an additional back pad for this exercise.

The following is a list of do's:

>- Keep your abdominals tight and back erect. > Keep your head and trunk against the back pad.

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