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Millions of us suffer from back pain. In fact, the complaint Deidre hears most often in her physical therapy practice is: "My lower back hurts!" Why? As a people we sit more than we do just about anything else. We slouch in our car to and from work. Most of us sit in an office chair for eight or more hours a day (usually in front of a computer that isn't designed with the human anatomy in mind). Then we slouch on the couch at home for hours in front of the tube. We are, after all, a people who will wait in line at the drive-through window even when there's no one waiting inside.) No wonder our backs ache—we're assaulting them with poor posture which weakens our muscles by putting them in an habitually stretched position.

In Chapter 31, "Tots and Teens," we'll give you some help if your back is aching. In the meantime, while it won't help Deidre's business any, know this: Done properly, strengthening the muscles in your lower back and abdominal region, coupled with a good stretching regimen, will turn all but the most persistent lower back pain into a thing of the past. The key is maintaining good technique and knowing which exercises to do and when to do them.

How To Win Your War Against Back Pain

How To Win Your War Against Back Pain

Knowing the causes of back pain is winning half the battle against it. The 127-page eBook, How To Win Your War Against Back Pain, explains the various causes of back pain in a simple manner and teaches you the various treatment options available. The book is a great pain reliever in itself. The sensible, practical tips that it presents will surely help you bid good-bye to back pain forever.

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