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Now that you've read this far, you no doubt know more than you ever wanted to know about form, safety, sets, and reps, as well as a slew of Latin words that ensure that you know the difference between your lats and your pecs. In addition, you're now familiar with the mechanics of a host of exercises to keep you busy into the next millennium. What you may not know, however, is how to put it all together. Having all the ingredients for a soufflé is one thing; knowing how to assemble them is another. In this and in the ensuing chapters, we'll show you how to take the information we've discussed thus far in order to build a workout routine fit for a hungry king.

As we've mentioned before, talk to a dozen fitness experts, and you're liable to get half a dozen or more opinions on how much to lift, how often, and more. While virtually everyone will tell you to progress from larger muscles to smaller muscles, the wide variety of opinions can be quite confusing. While we can't say that anyone who disagrees with us is full of iron, we can tell you that if you follow what we say in this and the chapters that follow, you'll get stronger as well as look and feel better. If you're skeptical, try one of the following routines and see for yourself.

Finally, we realize that all gyms are not created equal. As a result, you may not have all the equipment that we demonstrated at your disposal. To account for this athletic inequity, we've included a few different basic workout plans to get you started.

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