When we talk about freeweights in this chapter, we're referring to floor exercises as opposed to the various apparatus you will find in the gym. You may remember that a few years back, the Ab Roller entered the market and advertised itself as the next best thing to sliced bread. In fact, every gym this side of Istanbul had one and many frustrated people who'd been doing ab work for many a moon thought that this simple contraption was the knight in shining armor they'd been looking for. Well, the bottom line with the Ab Roller, and similar contraptions that resemble an upside-down rocking chair, is that the floor works just as well. And it's not nearly as expensive. Having said that, the machine is good for people who have neck pain, as well as those unable to keep their neck muscles relaxed throughout the exercise. So while you might want to start out using the Ab Roller in order to learn the proper position, once you learn the technique there's no reason you can't do crunches on the floor.

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