Down We Go

The decline bench is the kissin' cousin of the incline variety since it works the lower part of your chest. Essentially, you follow the same procedure as the flat and incline bench. The tricky part is sliding under the bar without smacking your head.

Here is how you properly perform a decline press:

1. Lie down on the bench, putting your feet under the support provided.

2. Grab the bar with a grip slightly wider apart than shoulder width.

3. Lift from the uprights or have a spotter assist you.

4. Slowly lower the bar to your chest just below the nipple line; then return to the initial starting position.

Decline press start/finish position.

Decline press midposition.

The following is a list of don'ts:

>- Lock your elbows out as you straighten your arms.

> Bounce the bar off your chest.

> Arch your back.

> Hold the bar with a Suicide Grip!

The following is a list of do's:

> Keep your abdominals tight.

> Keep your head on the bench.

> Lower the bar to your nipple line.

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