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If ever there were a perfect place to discuss the ins and outs of sports bras, here it is. The three things to remember are proper fit, comfort, and structure.

> Fit. When shopping for a sports bra, always try it on before you get to the gym. Once you've got it on, clap your hands overhead; if the plastic band moves up your chest, it's too tight. You don't want to start working out and discover you're wearing an iron corset that doesn't allow you to breathe. And you don't want to fret about peekaboo bosom while you're lying in the middle of a bench or performing another cleavage-revealing exercise.

> Comfort. To continue on our sartorial theme: Looking good doesn't equal feeling good. Besides, the better you feel when you work out, the more apt you are to keep training!

> Structure. Basically, there are two types of sports bras to choose from: compression and encapsulation. While neither sounds terribly forgiving, the latter tends to be the most comfortable. True to its name, the compression bra presses (read squishes) the breasts against the chest in a single mass. This style is more appropriate for small- to medium-breasted women. Like a brassiere, the encapsulation type is built to hold each breast in a cup. This works better for full-figured women.

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