Calf Raises Seated

As we explained earlier, the soleus muscle is engaged while the knee is bent. It follows that the way to strengthen this muscle is to do so while the knees are bent. This muscle is extremely important, especially if you're a runner. It is a deep muscle (located close to your lower leg bone), and deep muscles are called into play with endurance activities. If they are weak, they fatigue and can become extremely painful.

Seated calf raise start/finish position. Seated calf raise middle position.

Here is how you properly perform a seated calf raise:

1. Sit on the seat with your knees under the kneepads.

2. Position the balls of your feet on the edge of the foot plate.

3. Disengage the brake, allowing your heels to hang over the edge.

4. Rise up on your toes as high as possible.

5. Return slowly to a position where your heels are hanging down as far as possible to ensure a good stretch.

The following is a list of don'ts:

> Rock back and forth.

> Perform the exercise rapidly.

The following is a list of do's:

> Keep your abdominals tight and back erect.

> Remember, burn baby burn.

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