Bum Knees

There seems to be an endless number of things that can cause your knees to acheā€”from running to poor posture to ballroom dancing. Sometimes postural awareness can cure your knees, sometimes a stretching program will alleviate your pain. If you pursue those remedies and your knees still ache, have your doctor check them out. Once you get

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Many people joke that the fragility of the human knee, the largest joint in the body, is ample evidence that God doesn't exist. Aside from being the largest joint in the body, it is surrounded by major muscle groups, (ligaments that promote stability, tendons, and last but certainly not least, cartilage within the knee joint which acts as a cushion and provides the knee with much needed lubrication. A solid strength-training program for your legs, along with regular stretching can help avoid or alleviate knee pain.

the go-ahead, go easy. Very often, strengthening the muscles in your quadriceps and hamstrings will ease your pain.

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