Bowflex Cost 999 plus shipping

While the Bowflex looks more like a medieval torture device than a piece of exercise equipment, it is an effective and versatile apparatus. Using "Power Rods," which look like arrows in an archer's quiver, the rods bend as you move through an exercise's range of motion.

The Bowflex creates resistance using Power Rods.

(Photo courtesy Bowflex)

Here are this machine's best qualities:

> It's well built and sturdy.

> It allows you to increase resistance in low weight increments. >- The Bowflex folds and rolls for storage.

>- The manufacturer offers an unlimited warranty on the Power Rods and a five-year limited warranty on materials and workmanship.

And here, of course, are the cons:

> A few of the adjustments between exercises are tedious.

> If you need more resistance than the 210 pounds offered by the standard model, you'll need to upgrade.

Five-barbell rating: 4 barbells

Overall, we like it. It works well for both the beginning weight trainer and the grizzled veteran. Our favorite home gym option.

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