Writing a book is a little like building a beautiful body: It's a great idea with many rich rewards, but man, it boils down to plain old hard work. The three of us—friends when we started, better friends when we finished—enjoyed working on this project, but there were plenty of times when we would rather have been doing something else. Of course, writing this book would have been far more difficult without the invaluable input of quite a few people. In no particular order, we'd like to thank: Ralph Anastasio, of Printing House Fitness Center in New York City, for the use of his great facility. Special thanks to our models, Sejal "Big Dog" Vyas, Barrie "Sheba" Lifton, David Duhan, Aristides Maisonave, Chris Zogopoulos, and Melissa Silver (and baby Ethan) for their friendship, good looks, and good cheer. We couldn't have done this without Nancy Warner and Suzanne LeVert, who tolerated endless questions and e-mails from Jonathan.

Special thanks from Deidre to her father and sister for their endless faith in her and to Laura Giovanella for her patience and support.

Jonathan would like to thank a few of his teachers—Bob Otto, John Wygand, Bob Perez, and Ralph Carpinelli, without whom this book would contain far fewer big words and sophisticated ideas. In addition, he'd like to give a big high five to his friends, cycling teammates, and most of all his family, for their support and patience.

Last, but not least, Joe wishes to thank his lovely, literate wife, Beth, and darling daughter, Willa, who at age three can already type her name. Most of all, he'd like to thank his coauthors, Jonathan, a terrible mountain biker but great fitness trainer, and "D," a beautiful woman who gets downright ugly when she wins World Powerlifting Championships. Without their wit and wisdom, he would be wandering lost in the fitness forest.

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