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on your desire to enter the fascinating world of Fitness, body shaping and bodybuilding! We have just received your enrollment form, and we're pleased you have chosen Universal Bodybuilding as your personal trainer. We offer the most exclusive Body-shaping program available. By taking the simple first step of enrollment you have embarked on the path to improved body and health.

Just a note

...to give you a few tips, so that you can expect the quality standards set by Universal Bodybuilding.

Nothing can stop you from achieving your physical goals! Put your heart and desire into your training and nothing can stop you from success. You will improve! It is a scientific fact that the body responds to progressive exercise and correct eating habits, it would be impossible not to improve while following this unique course! Our thousands of satisfied students prove the effectiveness of our famous course. We have yet to see one person who follows this course not gain!

You have taken the most important step, enrolling with "Universal"! This proved that you are a person who demands the most out of life, good health and a beautiful body. Without good health you have nothing, with good health you can accomplish almost anything you set out to do in this world.


Always have a positive attitude in your training! Don't "try" to find time to train, MAKE time to train! People who fail in life are full of excuses. Here are just a few...

"You have to be born with a good build"

"It's too much trouble to follow a sensible diet"

Once you start getting in good shape you will feel like a million bucks! You will look forward to each exciting day. This is what a new healthy body will give you. Remember your body will improve from day to day. Although you may not see it right away at the beginning a wonderful change is taking place! Everyone improves, perhaps at a different pace, but everyone does improve!

Your lessons cover total development. Throughout your lessons you will develop all muscles of your body. Your lessons will cover everything from your neck down to your forearms and calves (and everything in between)!! You may be a little sore at the beginning, but this will last just a short time. You will soon become accustomed to this type of training, and be amazed at the results.

Follow our training routines and diet as closely as possible! Naturally you won't be able to follow it to the letter, as everyone's personal life is different. You can adjust your training and diet to your personal needs. Train when ever it is convenient to you. You can train morning, noon or night, whatever is best for you, but always train three times a week.

If you can't get the snacks as recommended, then sneak in a few when not working or in class. Do the best you can. Some of the best athletes and most perfectly developed bodies in the world made great gains while holding down two jobs or while still in school. They made the best with what ever they had, you must make the best of what you have.

If you do not like the foods we recommend, then find a substitute in our protein chart (Lesson 2). Many don't like milk, so then you consult the protein chart and find a food that is high in protein that you enjoy. Adjust to your own personal needs.

What you can become is up to you. Chances are that you just want to be in great shape. It is up to you, decide what you want and go after it! You can do it!

May your body become as beautiful and perfect as your efforts! Here's wishing you the best in health and fitness.

Morrie Mitchell

Morrie Mitchell Universal Bodybuilding, Inc.

The Course

The Universal Bodybuilding Course consists of 12 weekly lessons as well as advanced routines that come with your twelfth lesson.

The Exercises

Some of you may have tried some of the exercises we are about to give you, but remember, none of you have done them the Universal Bodybuilding way! There are many, many, ways to train, (most of them wrong!) and we feel our way is the best! Accordingly, we ask you to follow our instructions as closely as possible, don't add any additional exercises to the program, and don't skip any exercises we give you (unless advised to do so by your doctor). If you have any problem with the exercises (they might seem difficult at first) stay with the lesson for an extra week or two until the exercises become easier to perform. Don't worry, even if you have to stay at Lesson One for a month, you will succeed in the end.

Limit Your Training

Physique champions train three times a week. More than that will result in over-training and staleness, which can result in no muscle gain and even muscle loss. By "training" we mean strictly your bodybuilding program. You may participate in as many outside activities or sports as you wish, but always train for bodybuilding three times a week. Also, it is important in the beginning to train only as much as is designated for you.

Common Sense

Good common sense is important in bodybuilding as good equipment. So there will be no "accidents" to interrupt your training, use strong chairs, strong bars, well-supported benches and practice on stable ground! Think safety first, and you won't be the last to have a great body.

Proper Training & Routines

As each lesson goes by, you will be closer to your goals. The bodybuilding knowledge you will learn will benefit you the rest of your life. We cannot over emphasize the importance of following our instructions! You must be faithful in your training and make an honest attempt to eat the proper foods. If you train properly, you will build muscle, no doubt about it! Bodybuilding gives the entire body, including the face, an appearance of confidence and good health.

Almost every lesson contains a special training routine other than your regular training schedule. These special routines can be used to solve minor training problems, sticking points or plateaus for example. Don't stick to one routine for months on end. Keep your training sessions interesting and rewarding!

Training Time

Generally speaking, the faster you train, the better. Our routines usually take 15 minutes a day, but everyone trains at a different pace. If it takes you quite awhile to get through the routine, you're simply out of shape, as you get stronger, you will be able to get through the workout quicker. Train at a pace, which is comfortable for you. Rest and get your wind after each exercise before moving on to the next exercise.

Performing the Exercises

Carefully read all the instructions given with each exercise; do not just glance at the illustration! Read the instructions once, perform the exercise and then read the instructions again to be sure you performed it correctly. Perform each exercise with a quick and steady movement, no jerking or bouncing movements. Do them evenly and in an unstrained manner. Although a fast tempo is always better than a slow one, when starting this course or a new exercise, perform it slowly until you are sure as to how it is executed.

"Reps" and "Sets"

You'll be seeing "reps" and "sets" scattered throughout your bodybuilding lessons. "Reps" is short for repetitions; a repetition is one complete movement or cycle of an exercise. For example, if you were doing a push-up, one complete motion of lifting yourself off the floor and lowering your body back down would be considered one rep. Ten push-ups would be 10 reps. A "set" is a group of reps. Sets are spaced apart to allow you to rest. For example, if you were to do 10 chin-ups, rest for two minutes and then do 10 more chin-ups, you would have complete two sets of ten reps each.

What to Wear

Physique champions have learned that it is always best to keep your muscles warm while exercising. Don't train in a swimsuit if your training area is cool or drafty. Wear comfortable clothing that will not hinder your movements as you exercise.


Muscle soreness is natural in any type of training. Muscle soreness will only last a few days or so, and as you body gets use to training the soreness disappears.

Don't Miss Workouts

Never miss workouts because of laziness! On those low energy days you will feel like skipping a workout, that's when you will need to use your willpower and think positive! Being consistent in your training will result in progress: muscle gains and an increase in strength. Of course, there will always be those days when you will be forced to miss workouts; if you are physically ill it would be unwise to further drain your physical resources by training. Don't worry about it, just pick up where you left off or go back a week in your training, which ever feels most comfortable to you.


When you finish your workout for the day, a shower or bath will give you a chance to relax, refresh and most importantly, keep clean. Clean skin will give you a clear complexion and remove bacteria that are responsible for body odor. We recommend you shower at least once a day.


An extremely important aspect of bodybuilding is proper nutrition. We always urge our students to stay away from junk foods like white bread, sugary cereals, rice, potatoes, pastries and other foods containing excessive starch. No bodybuilder can go wrong with protein foods like meat, eggs, fish and cheese. We recommend different diet programs for different people. If you are underweight, we offer a diet plan containing bulk foods as well as large amounts of protein. If you are overweight we can help you with a diet plan containing lean but wholesome protein foods. And we have a diet plan for all you "normals" as well. Generally, we advise our students to substitute meat, cheese, eggs, fruits and vegetables for those sugary snacks you normally consume. We recommend that you eat light, well-balanced meals, and depend on nutritious snacks for extra energy during the day. Do NOT skip meals! We will cover nutrition more thoroughly in Lesson Two.


For the biggest gains, you should always get adequate rest and sleep. Of course, you have other activities as well, but don't go to the extreme. You can't expect to run track before training, then play football and go out dancing all night. You need to give your muscles a chance to rest. Anytime you train, muscle cells are broken down, resting gives muscle cells a chance to rebuild and increase muscle size. When you give your muscles adequate rest your cells will rebuild properly resulting in added strength and muscle size.

Foundation Course

Our first couple of weeks of training will give you the foundation on which to build a power-packed body. These early workouts will begin to strengthen your body plus improve your muscle tone. You will begin to make gains in muscular development and strength. For most of you these beginning workouts will seem easy, but remember, do just exactly what the routine calls for, don't add any extra exercises! Some of you may want to combine the Weight Training and the Non-Weight Training programs - we DON'T recommend this! These early routines are important just as they are, they are all part of our progressive training program. These routines will coax and force your muscles to grow. Once you have a good foundation, we will send you our Super Muscle-Pumping Systems.

Weight and Non-Weight Training

As previously mentioned, our course is broken up into two parts: one course for students who own a set of weights and one for students who do not own a set. The abdominal exercises found in this lesson are meant for both Weight and Non-weight Trainers. For the students who don't have a set of weights, we will show you what you can use around the house to train with.

Training for the "V-Shape"

Both Weight and Non-Weight Trainers will do many of the same exercises. Wide-grip chinning is one. This exercise will build fantastic arms and an unbelievable back. It develops the "lat" muscle located just under your armpit on your back. This is one of the easiest muscles to develop, and gives you that wide-shouldered, narrow waist look, a "V" shape! Our training puts a special emphasis in this muscle to help you create a great body.


This course is to be followed three times a week, allowing at least one full day of rest between workouts. Do NOT work out every other day. Train on Monday, Wednesday and Friday or on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. This schedule allows you to rest on four days out of the seven. This is necessary in order to allow your body to rest completely so that you do not slow down your training by overworking your system.

When you perform two sets of each exercise, rest one minute between sets. The two abdominal exercises included in this lesson should be performed by any student whose waist needs work. Do as many Alternate Leg Kicks as you are able.

You are about to begin the course that has performed miracles on thousands of people. Everyone gains at a different pace, but everyone gains! The more effort you put into your training, the more you will get out of it, and your gains will be tremendous!

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