Lesson Seven


One of the biggest challenges we can face in bodybuilding is achieving a trim, athletic waist. Often, in the desire to build up large muscles the waist is overlooked. If you want to get that waist down quickly, train it daily for at least 5-10 minutes. Remember, flush sets will get you the best results. Also, it is very important that you NOT eat any junk foods!

We are going to give you a waist trimming routine that you can follow 5 days a week. (Rest on Saturday and Sunday.) You will continue to do your regular workout 3 days a week as before. These abdominal exercises are supplemental. On you workout days perform them after your workout. If you are really ambitious you can perform them in the morning and again in the evening.

These exercises are for those whose waist needs work. If your waist is in good shape put these away for now.

In the beginning, perform only one set of these exercises doing as many reps as you can. When doing just one set becomes easy, increase to two sets, allowing a minute or two of rest between sets.

In the section Abdominal Exercises you will find six very good waist trimming routines. Following these exercises is a section marked Supplemental Exercises. You may substitute any of these exercises for the first six to add variety to your waist slimming routine.

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