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Watching your calories seems to be the number one ingredient in almost all diets to lose weight, and is also significant if you are trying to gain weight.

What exactly is a calorie? A calorie is the measuring unit for heat and energy in the body. You need calories to create energy for any physical activity, even just sitting there. The more calories you consume the more energy you are storing for physical activities. If you use up all the calories through physical activity then you will start to slim down. If you take in more calories and release less energy, those calories build up and you gain weight. It's that easy.

How many calories is enough? Every diet book is usually supplied with a chart, which shows you exactly how many calories you should consume a day. However, you are different, you are a bodybuilder. Your calorie intake cannot be determined by a chart, because, a body builder has totally different requirements.

If you are having problems gaining the weight you desire, keep an accurate diary of what you consume through the day. List everything, and at the end of the day add up the calories and record the number. This should be done for one week. Divide this by seven at the end of the week to come out with your daily average caloric intake. Now, multiply the weight you would like to be, by 15 and the weight you are by 15, subtract the two figures, and the difference is the additional amount of calories you need to consume.

For example:

If your present weight is 200 pounds, you multiply that 15. Your desired weight is 250 pounds, multiply that by 15.


Subtract 3000 from 3750, you come out with an additional 750 calories more than what you are currently eating, which you need to consume, in order to gain weight.

200 lbs. X 15 = 3000 calories 250 lbs. X 15 = 3,750

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