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You don't need any fancy equipment to perform The Training-/or-LIFE Experience exercises 1 explain in the Exercise Guide on page 135. As you'll discover, these exercises are very basic. You can do most of them with a simple set of barbells and dumbbells in a home gym or virtually any fitness center.

You see, it's not so much what exercises we do but rather how we do them that matters most. We must perform these exercises intensely to produce rapid results. Which brings us to what I call the "High-Point Technique." It's based on something I discovered while working in the magazine business for the last seven years.

Let me explain . . . I've worked with a lot of photographers and helped direct many photo shoots over the years. Sometimes you shoot for 11 hours and don't end up with any cover-worthy photos. It can be quite frustrating. You work hard all day but end up with nothing. That's the way it goes with most of the photographers I've worked with.

Fortunately, there are a few exceptions—some photographers take an entirely different approach. They begin with a quick, calculated setup. Then, they find their position, take a "warm-up" photo or two, and proceed to capture the "moment" on film. That's it. Photo shoot over.

And the result? Well, if you've seen the photos on covers of magazines like Sports Illustrated, People, Time, or even my magazine, you can see that the results are impressive. Sometimes breathtaking.

How can such extraordinary results be created in so little time? Why are most photographers, who work for hours . . . even days . . . unable to produce photos of comparable quality?

I believe what makes these photographers so effective is that they know how to capture the "moment that matters." A moment called the "high point."

What's this have to do with getting a good workout? A lot, actually.

You see, when you get right down to it, not only is a successful photo shoot contingent 011 hitting a high point, so is a great workout, so is a productive day at work, and ... so is a fulfilling life.

Those moments when everything comes together and you reach higher than you've ever reached—when you do something you've never done—when you produce major results—it's those moments that define who and where you are.

Do you have a scrapbook with photos of yourself and your family in it? If so, what exactly do you have in there? Do you have pictures of yourself getting dressed in the morning? A snapshot of you tying your shoe? Driving to work? Sitting at your desk shuffling through papers? Grocery shopping? Probably not.

My guess is that your scrapbook is filled with pictures that reflect special moments. Standing on top of a mountain peak. Your wedding day. Your child's first step. Winning an award. A celebration. A vivid smile on a loved one's face that makes you smile and gives you energy just thinking about it. These moments are all "high points," right?

Think about it: Superman's "super moments" are his high points. The rest—his life as Clark Kent—is pretty forgettable.

For athletes like Joe Montana, Michael Jordan, John Elway, and Mark McGwire, the moments that define their greatness are their high points.

I'm sure you've got the picture by now. It's really not a hard concept to grasp, once someone makes you aware of it. Unfortunately, most people aren't consciously aware of the power of high points, so it's impossible for them to create "moments that matter." The few high points most people experience occur randomly—by accident. And that's not good. For our exercise sessions to create major results fast, we must learn to recognize high points and create them.

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