Leg Extensions quadriceps

Don't let your hips come up off the seat.

Starting Position: Sit down on a leg-extension machine, and hook your ankles behind the roller pad. If the roller pad is adjustable, it should be positioned so it rests on the lowest part of your shins, not on the top of your feet nor on the middle of your shins. Grasp the handles on the machine or the edges of the seat lightly to keep your hips from lifting up as you perform the exercise.

Lower the weight all the way clown—a lot of people go only halfway clown and then lift the weight hack up. This makes the exercise half as effective.

Don't let your hips come up off the seat.

The Exercise: Straighten your legs, lifting the weight with your quads until your knees are straight. Always try for the fullest range of motion you can—all the way up, all the way down. Remember, we actually stretch while we're working out with this Program.

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