Bent Knee Leg Raises abdominals




Starting Position: Lie flat on your back on a padded or carpeted floor with your hands under your hips, palms down for support. Lift your head slightly off the floor, but don't bring your chin to your chest.

The Exercise: Start by lifting your legs off the floor while you simultaneously bend them at your knees, pulling your thighs up toward your chest, slowly. Now, with your knees approaching your chest, contract your abs and slightly lift your pelvis up off the floor.

Then, slowly straighten your legs. Bring them back down toward the floor, but don't let them rest on the floor. Hold them in that extended position for a count of one, and then bring 'em back up.

Don't lift your head up too far or let your lower hack arch; your lower hack should he pressed into the ground, and your head should stay back, just slightly off the ground.

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