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The Revised Authoritative Guide To Vaccine Legal Exemptions

Comprehensive, authoritative information about vaccine exemptions you can trust, from Alan Phillips, J.D., a leading vaccine rights attorney with years of experience helping clients throughout the U.S. legally avoid vaccines in a wide variety of vaccine-refusal settings. Critical details for parents, students, immigrants, healthcare employees, military personnel and contractors, agencies, attorneys and clientsvirtually anyone concerned with legally avoiding vaccines in the United States. This Guide provides and explains: Important background information about the legal system; How state and federal statutes, regulations, constitutions and legal precedent interact to define the boundaries of your legal exemption rights; How to deal with local authorities and to avoid mistakes that cost others their exemption; Where legal technicalities and practical reality differand what to do about it; Read more here...

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Vaccination Is Not Immunization Vaccine Risks Exposed

Doctor's New E-book Informs Parents About Vaccine Side Effects, The Link To Autism, Swine Flu Scam & More. Ends The Confusion On Whether Or Not To Vaccinate. Many Doctor Testimonials. Here's a look at some of what's covered. . . The disturbing truth: why children are growing sicker, fatter and dumber year after year. The shocking composition of what's really being injected into your child. Think only your children are at risk? Think again. As of 2008, adults are Medicine's newest target, with the Cdc's new Adult Immunization Schedule of 74 vaccines! What is the Germ Theory and why does the medical establishment ignore the errors inherent in it? The implications for your child's health are staggering! Do you know the difference between natural immunity and artificial immunity? 12 deadly reactions to the Dpt vaccine Did you know that the three vaccines contained in this three-in-one injection were never tested together before it was brought to market? In the 1940s. There's more: The truth about autism The evidence is piling up regarding the accine autoimmune brain programming connection and you must not wait another day to get the complete story. The false advertising behind the Mmr (measles-mumps-rubella) vaccine If so many doctors are refusing to give it to their children, what is that telling you? The most amazing statistic put forth from a source with no medical axe to grind Metropolitan Life Insurance. According to the ex-commissioner of the Fda, the number of adverse reactions to vaccines are being woefully underreported. If flu shots worked, why do you and your child get them year after year and why do you and your child keep getting the flu? It's all here. . .plus, the worrisome correlation between flu shots, mercury and Alzheimer's disease. What are toxics in vaccines and why are they being used on your child? And are you sure you want these poisonous substances injected into your child? What mandated vaccination really means and how your child can be made exempt if you choose Read more here...

Vaccination Is Not Immunization Vaccine Risks Exposed Summary

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Vaccine Risks Report

This Vaccine Risks Report was compiled from over 50 books, essays, articles and interviews. All of the information is currently available in books, periodicals, and through scientific journals and reports. Many of the statistics, quotes, and detailed information can be found on the Internet now, through websites and search engines. What are Vaccines risks: Do Vaccines have side effects? Are Vaccines Mandatory? What are the facts Im Not being told? Do I have a choice Not to vaccinate? Are there organizations that can help and support my decision? What other kind of science is available? What books or articles should I read? Which websites have extensive details, reports and explanations? How does our government process work?

Vaccine Risks Report Summary

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Muscle as a Target for Genetic Vaccine

Abstract The complexity of microbe infections requires novel approaches to vaccine design. It is particularly challenging to develop a safe and effective vaccine against human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-1. The versatility of DNA vaccination provides new perspectives. Recombinant subunit vaccines derived from adenovi-ruses and adeno-associated viruses are under extensive development as HIV-1 vaccines. For all of those vaccine vector platforms, muscle appears to be a practical, effective, and safe target. A vaccine strategy based on initial priming with DNA vaccine and or viral vector vaccine and then boosting with a second viral vector vaccine has shown promise in HIV-1 vaccine development. The recent progress in DNA vaccines and viral vector subunit vaccines, particularly those derived from novel serotypes of adenovirus and adeno-associated virus, is reviewed here.

Viral Vectors for Vaccine Development

Viral vectors provide a convenient and efficient way to deliver vaccine antigens to muscle. A broad spectrum of replicating and nonreplicating vectors is available for vaccine development. Several viral vectors, including both replicating and non-replicating forms of adenovirus and poxviruses, primary non-replicating forms of adeno-associated virus, alphavirus, and herpesvirus, and primary replicating forms of measles virus and vesicular stomatitis virus, are currently under development as HIV AIDS vaccines (Robert-Guroff 2007). In this chapter, only adenoviral and adeno-associated viral vectors as vaccine carriers will be further discussed.

Adenoviral Vector for Vaccine Development

So far, adenoviruses are among the most heavily exploited vectors for vaccine development. Adenovirus can grow to high titer in vitro with physical and genetic stability. In addition, adenovirus infects both dividing and non-dividing cells without integration in the host genome and yields high levels of antigen expression. More importantly, adenovirus infected dendritic cells upregulate costimulatory molecules and induce cytokine and chemokine responses, thus effectively presenting antigens to the immune system and eliciting potent antigen-specific immune responses (Banchereau and Steinman 1998 Morelli et al. 2000 Molinier-Frenkel et al. 2003 Philpott et al. 2004). Currently, non-replicating adenoviral vaccine vectors are created by the deletion of E1 region genes, which are essential for replication. Such vaccine vectors generally also have the non-essential E3 region deleted in order to provide more space for the completed expression cassette for antigen, including exogenous...

Vaccine Development A Case Study of the Genetic Vaccine for HIV

The development of a safe and effective HIV-1 vaccine is a critically important global health priority. The goal of an HIV-1 vaccine is either to prevent infection or to reduce viral loads and clinical disease progression after infection. However, the challenges in the development of HIV-1 vaccine are unprecedented. The extraordinary worldwide diversity of HIV-1 poses a major obstacle to AIDS vaccine development (Gaschen et al. 2002). Ideally, antigens in any successful HIV-1 vaccine will need to elicit broad humoral and cellular immune responses to cross-react with highly heterologous viruses. However, it has not been possible to induce such broad neutralizing antibodies by vaccine so far, while the breadth of vaccine-elicited cellular immune responses may be limited by immunodominance constraints and by the inherent tendency of CD8+ T-cell responses to be highly focused on a limited number of epitopes. Another key challenge is the lack of clear immune correlates of protection in...

Adenoassociated Viral Vector for Vaccine Development

AAV vectors have been evaluated as vaccine carriers for multiple antigens. Intramuscular injection of mice with an AAV serotype 2 (AAV2) vector expressing herpes simplex virus type 2 glycoprotein B (gB) led to the generation of both gB-specific major histocompatibility complex class I-restricted cytotoxic T lymphocytes and anti-gB antibody. AAV-mediated immunization was more potent than plasmid DNA or protein in generating antibody responses (Manning et al. 1997). A single intramuscular injection of AAV vaccine vectors expressing HIV-1 env, tat, and rev genes induced strong HIV-1-specific serum IgG and fecal secretory IgA antibodies as well as MHC class I-restricted CTL activity in BALB c mice. The titer of HIV-1-specific serum IgG remained stable for 10 months. When AAV HIV vaccine vectors were co-administered with AAV vector expressing interleukin 2 (IL2), the HIV-specific cell-mediated immunity was significantly enhanced (Xin et al. 2001). A promising study in rhesus macaques...

Muscle as the Target for Vaccine

The most common route of immunization used in DNA vaccine studies is the intramuscular route. Following intramuscular immunizations, the predominant cell type transfected with the DNA vaccines is myocytes (Danko et al. 1997 Wolff et al. 1990). However, muscle is not considered an immunologically relevant tissue as myocytes lack the characteristics of antigen-presenting cells (APCs) such as MHC-II expression, costimulatory molecules, or marked cytokine secretion. The insignificant role of muscle cells in intramuscular DNA-immunization is further supported by a study in which the surgical removal of the injected muscle within 10 min of injection of DNA plasmid did not affect the magnitude or longevity of the antibody response to the encoded antigen (Torres et al. 1997). Therefore, the muscle is not likely to be the essential immune activating component after intramuscular immunizations. Furthermore, there is little or no local inflammatory infiltrate at the DNA injection site,...

DNA Vaccine

DNA vaccination has become the fastest growing field in vaccine technology following reports at the beginning of the 1990s that plasmid DNA induces an immune response to the plasmid-encoded antigen after intramuscular injection into mice (Wolff et al. 1990). In theory, this conceptually safe, non-live vaccine approach is a unique and simple way to induce not only humoral but also cellular immunity. Whereas traditional vaccines rely on the production of antibodies through the injection of live attenuated virus, killed viral particles, or recombinant viral proteins, DNA vaccines are non-live, non-replicating, and non-spreading such that there is little risk of either reversion to a disease-causing form or secondary infection. In addition, DNA vaccines are highly flexible to encode viral or bacterial antigens, and immunological or biological proteins. DNA vaccines are stable, easily stored, and can be manufactured on a large scale. Furthermore, DNA vaccine avoids the risks associated to...

Bottomline Bodybuilding

As much as I admire someone who takes the drug free route, if their reasoning is because they believe drug usage is cheating, I must respectfully question their philosophy. Who are they cheating against Is it cheating to take an antibiotic if you have a serious infection Is it cheating to have your Polio vaccine Or even a flu shot How about supplements Cheating Unless you're Amish, you've probably taken aspirin at some point in your life. You may use caffeine if you're tired or a glass of wine if you want to get a buzz. None of these things are inherently evil. It's their misuse which presents a host of potential catastrophes.

Positive Health Exploring Relevant Parameters

On the health front, Fleming's discovery of penicillin and its development as an antibiotic by Lord Florey, plus a mass vaccination programme saw the gradual demise of infectious diseases as a principal cause of death. Fifty years ago, medical concerns turned to focus on non-communicable diseases, in particular coronary heart disease (CHD), the major cause of premature death in the world. Morris' seminal study 4 showed that conductors on the famous London red double-decker buses had significantly less coronary artery disease than the drivers of the buses. The health benefits of being a conductor were attributed not unreasonably to the fact that they were much more physically active than sedentary drivers. Incidentally, anyone hoping to take up this healthy job in future will be disappointed - these wonderful Red Routemasters, recognised worldwide as icons of London, are being phased out in favour of buses with just a driver whose only exercise is to press a button to open and close...

Global Polio Eradication

Once one of the most feared diseases on Earth, polio has been limited severely over the last several decades, after Dr. Jonas Salk developed a vaccine for it in the 1950s. Now, in the largest public health initiative the world has ever known, according to the World Health Organization, the global eradication of the disease continues. Since 1988, the WHO has worked to eradicate polio from the face of the Earth, and it has made tremendous progress. The site includes information about polio, advisories about locations in the world where the disease is still active, and a listing of how many cases there are in the world and where at any one time (690 in 2004 as of mid-September, with 80 of those in Nigeria). Many countries, including the U.S., are certified to be polio free.

Bill Barad Bodybuilder

It is unfortunate that there isn't yet definite evidence of serious harm from these hormone drugs. Side effects from chemicals don't usually show up until years later and if the product isn't widely used, reports are slower. Sulfonamides were lauded as a safe, wonder drug in 1957 in 1964, it was proven they caused severe blood disease or ulcerations. A flu vaccine popular for ten years was pinned down in 1965 as causing tumors. Because you don't drop dead when it is taken, doesn't mean a chemical is safe


Taken together, a wealth of published pre-clinical studies in small and large animal models appears to suggest that muscle is a practical, effective, and safe target for genetic vaccines based on different vector platforms. However, complexity of vaccine immunology, interactions between host protective immunity and viral immunopa-thology as well as the lack of full correlations between vaccine efficacy and safety data generated from currently available animal models and human trials strongly argue for the necessity to go back to the drawing board and basic research to further delineate all of those aspects for genetic vaccines before rushing into human trials. Depending on the pathogenesis of microbial infections and route of infectious disease transmission, some alternative routes of vaccination such as mucosal directed genetic vaccines should also be further explored for which AAV based vaccine may be advantageous because of its relative hardness and resistance to temperature, pH...

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