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You may be wondering why you shouldn't just use one of the myriad standard dieting programs out there. I mean, pick up any bodybuilding magazine, and there are tons of plans that claim to let you achieve everything the UD2 does without all of the hassle. Why is the UD2 superior?

The main problem I have with the standard advice is that it's just so standard. High protein, low to moderate fat, low to moderate carbohydrates, weight training and aerobics is the standard prescription for getting ripped up. If all of the magazines are writing it, it must work, right? Well, yes, up to a point.

Frankly, I have no problem with the standard advice as long as it's producing results. As I said above, I actually prefer simpler approaches as long as they work. In many people, who frequently have genetic advantages that they might not even be aware of, they work just fine. But based on observations at the gym and the feedback I get, not everybody is so lucky (I'll talk about some of the reasons the genetically lucky are lucky next chapter). The reality is, only a small portion of the people who try actually achieve their goals using the standard advice. That tells me that, standard or not, it's not effective.

And don't get me started on the advice given by pro bodybuilders. It shouldn't even be taken into consideration unless you've got the array of steroids, thyroid medications, thermogenics and appetite suppressants that they use to get ready for a contest. A current pro is reported to have said the following about contest dieting "There is no magic diet, buy as many drugs as you can afford and starve yourself for as long as you can stand it."

For the majority, the genetically average (or disadvantaged), any number of problems can stop the diet in its tracks. A metabolically average dieter may lose 1 lb of muscle for every 3 lbs of fat lost trying to get to single digit bodyfat levels. Women have even more problems with muscle loss, not to mention issues with lower bodyfat mobilization. For some, metabolic adaptation causes fat loss to slow or stop completely long before goals are reached. There are all kinds of reasons these problems occur, most of which can be traced to the body's many annoying ways of adapting to a diet. Those same individuals have an equally hard time adding muscle without gaining too much bodyfat at the same time. Fundamentally, this is an issue of partitioning, where the calories are going (or coming from) when you eat (or diet).

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The Bible of Body Building

The Bible of Body Building

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