Using the UD2 for mass gains

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Although the UD2 is primarily aimed at fat loss with muscle maintenance (or even gain), it can also be used with slight modifications for muscle gain while minimizing bodyfat gain. Recall from the chapters on partitioning that the same mechanisms that make fat loss without muscle loss a problem for the genetically average also conspire to cause more fat gain when muscle is gained. The same processes that the UD2 temporarily improves (notably calorie partitioning) can be used for muscle gain.

The main change, of course, would be in calorie levels. Although I didn't talk about it, the original Ultimate Diet was borne from Michael Zumpano's Rebound Training. Rebound training was essentially the same plan but with higher calorie levels on all of the days.

For the UD2, I think a slightly different approach is better. For mass gains, I'd suggest several changes. The first would be both an increase in calories (to maintenance or maybe 10% below) AND carbohydrates (to 100 grams/day) on the low-carbohydrate days. This will avoid ketosis more or less completely while still allowing glycogen depletion. Along with that, changing the Monday and Tuesday workouts to more of high-rep tension workouts is also an option. Still use sets of 12-15, but with heavier weights and slightly fewer sets. This will still cause glycogen depletion (although not as much) while instilling more of an anabolic response. In this case, I'd also suggest using more of a traditional two way bodybuilding split routine (see example below). Small amounts of cardio could be done on Wednesday and Thursday morning to keep fat gain to a minimum.

Thursday and Friday would stay the same as would the Saturday workout. Additionally, you would eat at maintenance or slightly above on the weekend. The overall plan would look like this:



Wednesday: Thursday AM: Thursday PM: Friday: Saturday: Sunday:


Chest: 6-8 sets of 12-15

Shoulders: 4-6 sets of 12-15

Triceps: 4 sets of 12-15

Quads: 6-8 sets of 12-15

Hamstrings: 4-6 sets of 12-15

Calves: 6-8 sets of 12-15

Biceps: 4 sets of 12-15

Cardio optional; 30-40 minutes max.

Cardio optional: 30-40 minutes max.

High intensity workout

No training

Power workout

No training


Maintenance calories or 10-25% below 100 g carbs/day Maintenance calories or 10-25% below 100 g carbs/day

Maintenance calories Maintenance calories Begin carb-load Carb-load Maintenance+10% Maintenance+10%

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