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After my last little drug book on Bromocriptine, I wanted to get back to my main area of interest and real area of expertise: integrated methods of training and nutrition. I will be mentioning some drugs that might be useful along the way, but that's not the main focus of this book. Actually, the best way for me to introduce this book is with a story/history lesson.

The story of this book begins just over twenty years ago in 1982. That year, Dan Duchaine and Michael Zumpano introduced the Ultimate Diet to the world of bodybuilding. In a nutshell, the Ultimate Diet was a 10 day cyclical diet and training plan, incorporating three different training and eating approaches in a coordinated fashion. Drug options were suggested since the laws were less stringent then. It was radical and revolutionary for its time combining cutting edge science with good old intuition (and maybe a little lucky guesswork) to create a complete plan for generating extraordinary results in ordinary people. It achieved something few plans could claim: fat loss with muscle gain or at the very least fat loss with no muscle loss. With slight adjustments in calorie intake it could be used for muscle gain with minimal fat gain.

Fifteen years later, the same Dan Duchaine released an "updated" version of that diet in his seminal book Underground Bodyopus: Militant Body Recomposition. Now a 7 day plan, without nearly the complexity as the original Ultimate Diet, Bodyopus kicked off an entirely new interest in the bodybuilding subculture regarding cyclical diets and cyclical ketogenic diets in particular. This is where I enter the story.

In 1997, I was terribly bored with my life, looking for something to do. I latched onto the Bodyopus diet like a drowning man grabbing a life preserver and never looked back. In one sense, it mirrored Duchaine's original interaction with Zumpano and the Ultimate diet back in the 80's. At that time, Zumpano was the guru and Duchaine was the bored detail man looking for something new to do with his life. In 1997, Dan was the guru and I was the bored detail man. That's how I like to think of it anyhow; I don't know if Dan saw it like that or not.

In any event, what started as a whim, writing a weekly diary of my experiences on the diet turned into something far more. A couple of years later, I wrote the be-all, end-all book on ketogenic dieting. Even Dan admitted I knew more about "his" diet than he did which was as great an honor as I could receive. I became the keto-guy (a nickname I still can't shake no matter how hard I try) even though I never really advocated them in the sense that you'd think. Against all odds, considering how badly it was written and how boring it was to read, the keto book actually sold decently. If nothing else, it established me as a "name" in the industry. A detail-obsessed geek, mind you, but a "name" nonetheless.

In the 6 years since that book, research into human physiology, nutrition, biochemistry, etc. has advanced at an amazing and exponential pace. Science is finally getting to the mechanistic reasons that things happen in the body. Knowing how things happen in the body allows for a certain measure of control. This book represents an integrated approach to all of it.

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