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Although I feel that the UD2 is close to optimal the way it's currently set up, there are a few situations where you may want to make some slight adjustments to it.

Modifications to the UD2 for fat loss

There are times that the main UD2 schedule may need to be adjusted even for fat loss. I mentioned one example in the last chapter: folks who find that the carb-load wipes them out (by causing fluctuating energy levels) may wish to move the entire cycle forward to put the carb-load on Saturday. That would make the schedule look like this:

A second option is for dieters who just don't like the way Thursday is set up. Psychologically, many dieters seem to find a partial day of dieting to be a waste. They would rather have a day that is either just dieting or just refeeding. Whether valid or not, this is a real occurrence and I'm going to give you a solution.

This variant also applies to folks whose schedules require them to workout in the morning, making a Thursday night workout impractical. In this case, I suggest making Thursday a normal low-carbohydrate/low-calorie dieting day with cardio. The high-intensity workout gets moved to Friday morning and the carb-load is scheduled for Friday to Saturday morning. This also means that there are only 24 hours between the high-intensity workout and the power workout, but this is fine; you'll be stronger than you think and you'll still get a growth response. Bodybuilders have a block against training a muscle two days in a row, but other athletes do it all the time. The full schedule would be:


Thursday/Friday AM:

Friday PM:







High intensity No training Power workout No training/cardio


Low-carb/low-calorie Low-carb/low-calorie Begin carb-load Carb-load Diet variable Diet variable


Monday/Tuesday: Depletion

Wednesday/Thursday: Cardio


Low-carb/low-calorie Low-carb/low-calorie Begin carb-load Diet variable Diet variable




High intensity in AM Power workout No training/cardio

A related option, for folks who can't train on Saturday morning would be to move the power workout to Friday night, 24 hours after the Thursday night high-intensity workout. This would leave Saturday and Sunday off with the diets described as per the last chapter.

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